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Overcoming Burnout With Mentorship

  • 21st Jan'22

Have you ever thought about the after-effects of a pandemic? The Labor Department stated that 4.3 million people had resigned from their jobs through August 2021 alone. The sectors, including healthcare, retail, and hospitality faced their hardest times. However, labor unions and employee strikes are taking place to get better pay, flexible work hours and childcare benefits. 

Meanwhile, people are very concerned about their demands due to the prevailing situation. This term is also known as “The Great Resignation” by people across the globe. As we know, the pandemic has changed our lives, and it has shifted our daily routines mostly. 

Everything has changed from time allocations to structural organizations as we know it. Moreover, overcoming burnout with mentorship is the best way possible for this ever-changing working culture. 

“If I continued depleting my own energy, no matter my good intentions, I was going to end up unable to mentor or help anyone at all.” - EboniK. Williams


Working From Home

In times of pandemic, it is challenging for female employees to handle child care/schooling in most cases. So, women are handling their children's virtual schooling, household activities and at the same time managing the office work. 

You might have understood their difficulties now, as there is so much pressure throughout the day. But that’s the real situation for most female workers' new pandemic work from home environment.

The lead researcher Lebena Varghese says, “We think mentoring, either formal or informal, can be particularly effective in offsetting vulnerability to stress and burnout for individuals who score higher on this trait.”


The Stressors At Virtual Workspace

Since employees are working from home, the demands have only increased. The employees were working more than 9-5 due to their absence of time and space dedication. 

Earlier, people were working from the office to accomplish their assignments. But now, the requirements and challenges are also higher for individuals. 

Considering all these hardships, it’s now essential to consider whether working women are motivated?  They are working for longer hours; does it affect their well-being? You need to figure out answers for almost all the queries to know how people manage frustration, anxiety, and failure. It’s also evident that America is experiencing burnout in great numbers.


Acknowledge, And Appreciate

Liz Shuler, President of the AFL-CIO, said, “all employees want is to be acknowledged and appreciated.”

Want to connect your employers better in this virtual arrangement? 

Employees are very much stressed in this empathetic environment. So, companies try everything to keep their employees working virtually. We’ll see the things that employees can impose to engage virtual teams. 


Try Project-Based Mentoring

“Our experiment results showed that people who served as mentors experienced lower levels of anxiety, and described their job as more meaningful, than those who did not mentor,” - Harvard Business Review.

It’s a winning situation for employees if you implement a structured mentorship model. A structured mentorship model can help you to build better relationships with employees. 

It’s also a winning situation for the employee who feels isolated and disconnected in the team. If the company invests in mentorship, then surely it’s possible to support their success and growth. 

For instance, employees can stay on track by handling deadlines with help. Mentorship is an investment that can help employees to find better project results. Also, it will help employees learn how to lead a project, learn new skills, and take ownership of every accomplishment.

It’s a winning point for the good mentor, the senior associate, who wants to be a quiet leader and take authority. This will also help them to be a role model for everyone as an educator. You need to understand that listening, leadership, and management skills are important in mentorship. 

Mentors can motivate others to share the best practices and expectations so everyone will get better insights on the importance of guidance.


Prevent Burnout With Workplace Mentoring

Nowadays, employees prefer considering the company culture over their salary as they can take advantage of training and learning to support growth. In every work environment, priority should be given to learning new concepts to survive the latest innovation. 

Also, employees must stay focused and loyal to the company to benefit from such advantages as the company is investing more time and money to support their employee's growth and success.


In Conclusion

If employers want to keep their employees engaged and motivated they should try to introduce project-based mentoring to their workforce and take their company towards a successful path.

When it comes to reducing workplace stress, mentoring programs are an effective way for both mentors and employees to manage stressors in their lives. Discuss your problems, support and advise each other at the workplace, the mentorship program can enhance your confidence. 

Let’s encourage mentoring in the workplace to help employees deal with stress and reduce burnout.


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