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Negotiating With An Unreasonable Manager

  • 16th Jun'21

Does your manager micromanage? 

Does he set unachievable deadlines?

Does he take credit for all your hard work?

Then, YES, you have an unreasonable manager.

I know you’re frustrated and probably want to quit, but why should you? Why should you leave a job that you enjoy, pays well, and is at a reputable company? Just because of an unreasonable manager? 

What if I tell you I can help you deal with your demanding and/or unreasonable manager? 

Sounds interesting? Let’s get into it!


Negotiating With An Unreasonable Manager

To negotiate with an unreasonab;e manager, you first need to learn the art of negotiating

  • Don't take him personally

If your manager behaves the same way with everyone else. If so, don’t take him personally and start learning ways to cope with him. If he’s more reasonable with some than you, spend time with these people and learn the dos and don’ts that make your manager happy. Thus effectivelty negotiate and solve your peoblems.  


  • Let the storm pass

Is this how your boss has always been? If not, then they might be going through a stressful phase personally or professionally. So just let the storm pass.


  • Know your Boss Well 

How well do you know your manager on a personal level? It’s human nature to treat people better whom we know or like. It's easy to be unreasonable when you're only formally supervising someone you don't know well. So, how about getting to know your boss and allowing them to get to know you better? Grab a lunch or tea break together. You have nothing to lose, instead, you might find something familiar!


  • Know the root cause

Is it the genuine concerns that they are unreasonable about, or is there a hidden agenda? Try to figure out if there’s something that you did wrong that you’ve forgotten about, but your manager probably hasn’t or is it something else. If you can't put your finger on anything, your coworkers may be able to pinpoint the root cause objectively.


Now, How To Resolve This? 

Set up a meeting with the sole objective of addressing your working relationship at the earliest. Show them that you consider this issue seriously and it needs immediate attention. Discuss how you can fix it.

When you have to negotiate with an unreasonable boss, you realize the importance of negotiation in business and your career. Negotiating your way over professional roadblocks like this is the groundwork for you to become a great manager someday.


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