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10 Myths About Managing Your Boss

  • 23rd Jun'21

Myths are a waste of time. However, science begins only with the end of myths. So it is not all bad! Subordinates have an important responsibility to manage their bosses. Do you know why? It’s because a working relationship is more fragile. The association demands genuine rapport and communication with your boss. With a better bond, the workflow will enhance, and a boost in your career is guaranteed.


Are You Ready to Decipher the Common Myths About Managing Your Boss?


Myth 1: You always have to Work your Boss’s Way to get to the Top

Fact: You choose your style and preference to work and let your boss show you the direction to achieve your goals and align them with the firm. 


Myth 2: Your Mistakes Don’t Define you. So let them go!

Fact: Own your mistakes and avoid any larger inconvenience later. The sooner you come clean, the better you can impress your boss and get back the trust.


Myth 3: You don’t need to Track your Daily Work

Fact: Track your work for yourself. You never know what can creep up at any time.


Myth 4: You Deserve the same Rating as the other Team Member.

Fact: Rated lesser than your peer? Take it as a lesson and re-work on your goals to be a better performer.


Myth 5: You don’t have to Listen to your Boss if you are a star employee.

Fact: It can work against you as your boss can be your confidant to lead you to succeed. Make your boss listen to you by raising your work standard.


Myth 6: You don’t need a Team or a Boss to be Innovative.

Fact: Not always true; teams help you get better recognition and teach empathy.


Myth 7: You can’t be Friends with your Boss.

Fact: An excellent relationship with your boss ensures success for both parties.


Myth 8: Criticisms are always bad

Fact: Seek candid feedback from your boss to help yourself grow better. Praises can be deceiving.


Myth 9: You can’t Grow if you are an Introvert

Fact: Consistent effort is the key to the top.


Myth 10: Your Boss is too Busy

Fact: Always reach your boss even if it is true. Effective communication works for those who work at it. 

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