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Mentoring During Social Distancing

  • 24th Jun'21

The current pandemic has inevitably changed the way of working. For instance, Several businesses have adapted to the virtual environment, and more people are teleworking today. However, it is both a crisis and challenging situation for a lot of organizations, mainly startups. As a result, mentors are more in demand because of the value of mentorship.

People today, including young entrepreneurs, understandably are facing a difficult situation. Their lack of experience costs them business opportunities despite having great product and service outlines. You may think mentoring only works when the mentee discusses things face to face with their mentor. You're mistaken. Mentoring during social distancing can be equally effective if done right.



Mentors should actively look to engage with mentees in these uncertain times and crises. They will need to adapt to current ways of work such as a mentoring program and even be more creative in their tracks. Mentors today can't afford to let any commitments slide down. Since they are ones with experience, they play a pivotal role in ensuring a young mentee manoeuvre issues their company is facing. As a result, mentors need to guide towards safeguarding retention and building organizational commitment.



Mentees should aim to form stronger emotional bonds with their organization. They need to be more supportive and deal with the crisis more patiently. Mentees with the support of their mentoring relationship should look to retain high potential talents. Apart from this, they should ensure that robust planning is set up post-pandemic. Also, they will have to be more focused on being consistent and committed. 


  • Some Ways of Mentoring During Social Distancing
  • To ensure that a mentoring relationship is working, here are few things a mentor can do.
  • Real-time videoconferencing.
  • Use Emails, chats, and text messaging to maintain flexibility.
  • Practice more empathy and compassion.


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