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Managing Up: The Ability To Make Life Easier For Your Boss

  • 24th Jun'21

As you land your dream job, you feel this is it! However, everything requires managing. It is a great skill that favors your job role and makes people lean on you.

Do you want people to rely on you?

Would you love to manage your boss?

It’s only possible with a good performance. As your work speaks, you would draw people towards you. Also, a good rapport with your managers like reaching out to your boss now and then makes them reciprocate the same.


How to Manage and Add Value?


Effective Communication

You do not have to force yourself to talk to your boss. Instead, genuinely approach and discuss work-related issues consistently. You can succeed at work even if your boss doesn't like you.



Think from your boss’s perspective. There must be some things your boss wishes you would talk about. After all, he is a human and can err too. Practice the art of empathy.


Corporate Responsibility

Align your goals with that of the firm. Take initiatives, build client-manager relationships and nurture them.


Team Building

Be a team player. Forgive and forget. It’s impossible to clap with one hand. Make your boss your confidant.



Sometimes, bosses also need to see the silver lining. Motivate him when you feel the need.



Let your boss see clear information. Check your facts and ensure that he acts without any skepticism.



Help your boss prioritize what is important by managing his calender.



Use your value via your interpersonal skills. Extend support to your boss even without him asking.



Get adequate training to boost your skills to be a valuable employee.



Make a line of the projects entitled to you and research them so that your boss has to do less work.


Downplay Leadership

The success of a firm depends significantly on the employees. When you lead by example, that’s the real value you add to the firm. When a leader so humble attempts to make life easier for superior and subordinate alike, often he becomes irreplaceable to the people.


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