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Managing a Virtual Boss

  • 24th Jun'21

What’s tougher than managing a boss?


It is managing a virtual boss. With the recent rise in remote working methods, there has been a certain rise in remote working bosses. In today’s time, several project managers are a part of a remote team where they have to interact and report to their boss virtually. 

The idea of managing your boss might seem odd, but it has been in practice since time immemorial. Now, you may wonder – Why are employees expected to manage their boss? Also, doesn’t this mean that they are the boss of their boss? It may seem not very clear, and there are reasons why it is not the case.


Primary Reasons for Managing Your Boss


  • Your boss is a qualified professional, and if she is effective, it will improve your chances of success. So, you can see it as an indirect method to help yourself. Also know the ways to tell her, if your boss is wrong.


  • Many bosses are known for their skillful leadership when it comes to face-to-face interactions. However, they lag with the newest virtual methods of conducting things. Helping her will not only benefit everyone, but simultaneously, it will serve as an opportunity for you to leave a mark. The best ways you can help your boss is through devising performance management systems and tracking productivity.


  • If you value experience, then know that every minute spend thinking or complaining about how that’s not your work is an opportunity to showcase what more you can do. So, instead of wondering about what others should do, focus more on what you should do to further your career and impress your boss with your work.

While these may be some important reasons and benefits of managing a virtual boss, there is one more essential point to convey why it is excellent.


Work Relationship with Your Boss

A healthy working relationship with your boss is a fundamental aspect that can help employees gain more opportunities to showcase themselves. It also makes life easier for their boss. So, whether face-to-face or managing a virtual boss, do it with complete commitment.


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