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Managerial Skills You Need to Be a Great Boss

  • 24th Mar'22

There has been a common misconception around managerial roles. Many of you believe that it's the most precise position in the entire hierarchy of positions at any workplace. Let me tell you are not alone. There was a time when I believed all that a manager had to do was walk. Walk once in a while around the office lanes and see others working under them. Yes, you may laugh about it, but I'm sure you all did the same too. As a result, we all wanted to become managers as soon as we started working at an organization.

But truth be told, a lot of success and growth of any company or organization is primarily dependent on the effectiveness of its manager. Isn't it why  management courses are the most sought after and challenging to attain success in? You will need to have excellent management skills to succeed as a manager. After all, as a manager, you may have to manage from a few to dozens of employees under any given circumstance.

A lot goes into becoming an efficient manager, such as communication, negotiation, persuasive skills, etc. Perhaps, it is why managers become great bosses. Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart, and Walt Disney are shining examples of how excellent managerial skills can make you a good boss. Now, here you must have a question - what organizational skills did they have that set them apart from their peers? Isn't that why you are reading this article?


Managerial Skills for Boss

We can define managerial skill as anything that can enable us to manage others effectively. It can include interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership skills, etc. And while all such skills may help anyone in any industry to become a great boss, you will have to explore more. Here are the excellent managerial skills for a boss that you can practice and develop to become a great boss.



One of the most important responsibilities of managers is effective communication, both with the employees working under them and with other managers in the company. They are part of a complex network and must serve as a vital connection point to bridge gaps between lower-level employees and upper management or between different departments.

Furthermore, you must ensure your communication skills are practical, both written and verbal. Ineffective communications can lead to unnecessary confusion. Great bosses always know what they want from their employees and remain evident in their communication. Here are a few pointers that can enable you to communicate more efficiently.

  • Maintain open lines to communicate with employees

  • Encourage more communication amongst introverted employees

  • Have negotiation skills to handle employee dispute


Decision Making

Bosses often have to make several quick decisions. Also, the boss can afford to make rash decisions under pressure exerted from time constraints. Effective decisions can successfully help your employees and business run smoothly and grow. As a result, effective decision-making requires careful thought without overthinking or distracting minor details. And you can learn more about it as a manager because managers are known for handling critical and difficult decisions with much ease.



A great boss can always inspire employees who can add more value to their company. Such employees are an asset, and therefore, bosses must have the managerial abilities to tackle any inconvenience they are dealing with effectively. If you want to become a great boss, you must learn how to keep your employees satisfied in their roles.

To accomplish it, bosses must have the managerial skills to spot and hire the best managers who can recruit strong talents and boost their profile. Simultaneously, you must know how to keep your employees motivated and encourage them to bring positive productivity change. Also, your ability to motivate can inspire your employees to set clear goals and achieve them independently to benefit them and the company.


Relationship Building

If you want to become a great boss, relationship building is a must-have managerial skill. It is essential to bond with your team to establish credibility and encourage camaraderie. Every great manager's success has come from the success of their team. Besides, cultivating strong working relationships helps learn more about the team members and understand how their skills and personalities can better match their job tasks and goals. Also, remember that great managers are genuine and care about all team members. Also, they take the time to build good working relationships.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an excellent managerial skill as it encourages empathy and sensitivity, which many bosses lack. As a boss, you can use emotional intelligence to identify if your employees are burnt out or require some attention. More importantly, a great boss is a compassionate leader who supports and can help an employee in distress, such as offering a work-from-home day, arranging flexible hours, or reminding them of the services and policies they are there to help. Furthermore, emotional intelligence in a boss also means having the self-awareness to recognize emotions and reactions, being objective, and exercising restraint and understanding to bring the best out of their organization.


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Effective communication, both with their direct reports and with other managers in the firm, is one of the most critical roles of managers. No doubt, employees are expected to manage their stress in the workplace. Employees are part of a complicated network and must act as a critical link between lower-level employees and senior management, as well as across departments.

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