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Manage Your Boss With “The Rule Of Three”

  • 30th Jun'21

Why do we say manage your boss?

Isn’t it the job of your boss to manage you? 

Managing signifies the relationship that you cultivate with your boss should ensure growth for you and your boss. Every manager expects his subordinates to be diligent and competitive. However, if you cannot speak for yourself, your boss can manipulate your moves. So it is essential to micromanage your eccentric or autocratic type boss.

As you begin, you will find many golden rules of managing a boss set by people. While we ponder the effective ways to make your boss prioritize you, respect you, and help you in your career, army commander Spider Marks breaks down this code of effectiveness. See how it mirrors the intricacies of life!


The Rule of Three


Rule 1

Three Things to Address

Be well prepared with three things you want your boss to address. You never know how busy your boss could be or how short your meeting would be with him. Keeping it short and to the point will show your boss how much you respect his time and make him listen to you.


Rule 2

Three Seconds of Attention

Practise the art of communication and vamp up your soft skills. Use that adrenaline rush to deliver a speech that catches the attention of your busy boss in about three seconds. You can quickly start with a friendly talk about sports or enquire about his family. It only shows how well you care!


Rule 3

Three Minutes of Conversation

Make your time count. Suppose you can get your boss’s attention and keep it captured for three whole minutes; your job is done! But if not, don’t drag it! Time spent making no point is time wasted. Instead, re-think of ways to make another plan for someday.

Your boss is like a connector who networks you with the rest of the firm, helps you align your goals with that of the firm, gets you resources, and leads you on the upward trajectory in your career. If you look for better positions, ensure a cordial relation with your boss, respect his time and follow the “rule of three.” 


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