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Manage Your Boss's Calendar

  • 23rd Jun'21

Executive Assistants are responsible for managing one of the most challenging jobs, and invariably, they are less likely to receive due credit for it. They not only have to manage their work schedule but simultaneously have to take care of their boss's work schedule as well. It takes some strong management skills to effectively support their manager, boss, or supervisor's work and the boss's calendar is a great way to accomplish it.

Boss calendar is an important tool an executive assistant can use to ensure their boss maintains track of time. However, to make the boss calendar work, you need to know about certain specifics related to your boss.


Managing the Boss's Calendar

Here, you can check out a few crucial tips to ensure you nail the executive assistant job you are hired for.


Meet up With Your Boss

Undeniably, the first step must be to meet with your boss. Take notes about her routines and expectations. Also, your boss may be already using a calendar software program. So, ask her about that. Besides, ask if she had problems maintaining her schedule in the past—for example, missed appointments and wrong dates and times. Also, maintain a good relationship with your boss.


Pick a Boss Calendar Program Software

If the boss has calendar software already, chances are you will have to work with it. Otherwise, you can select a suitable boss's calendar software to effectively enter dates, times, locations, tasks, etc. As a result, you can efficiently communicate the schedule better and make life easier for your boss.


Train The Stakeholders

Part of your job would be to set meetings at times. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to maintain a list of regular staff members using the calendar. Next, run some mock tests to educate them on how to use the tool better, as explained in How to Maintain Your Boss's Calendar?


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