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5 Major Tips For Your Career Advancement

  • 20th Nov'22

Few days back, I was going through a topic - how to advance your career.  Freshers, Professionals and even people at executive ponder upon this often. What I have observed that it is not an easy analysis. Of course there are some practical life experiences that will help you, but you need strategic plan to accoplish your career goals.

Today we will go through some important points to help you understand your career progress.

I believe these career advancement tips will help you to take better decisions in your upcoming challenges.


Focus on your personal brand

Building your personal brand is essential to developing a successful career. It takes more than simply having attractive business cards or nice fonts to market yourself and your job as a brand; it also involves how you come across to potential clients, consumers, and other people who are important to your career.

Keep this in mind whether you're actively looking for chances or not, social media should not be undervalued, and you should aim to have at least the bare minimum in terms of social media presence. At least 94% of recruiters use social media to locate appropriate applicants.

If you ask me there are various skills through you can advance your career but building your personal brand one of the crucial skills to advance your career.


Think of mentoring or volunteering for a cause

It is better to do something about your career advancement, rather than asking your peers about career advancement tips. Today we live in an era where you have plethora of activities to explore, some of them can instantly help in your career advancement.

You may advance your career while having a positive impact on communities through volunteering. By strategically volunteering, you can discover your interests and career goals, discover your abilities, make connections, and acquire valuable knowledge and experiences.

Next time if you are wondering how to achieve career advancement, opt volunteering or mentoing. You will be able to utilize your abilities to use in a variety of settings.


Advise a startup

If you're a more seasoned and experienced professional looking to manage teams in your leisure time, then you can offer advice to a start-up. It can be regarding their personal brand, finances, expanding their services to international markets.

The best part about advising a startup is, along with helping you improve your abilities, it will provide you an advantage over other candidates, when applying for leadership positions because you will have tangible evidence of your practical experience. I am inclined towards this as one of the best skills to advance your career.


Build a personal website

A personal website can help you get the right opportunities that come to your door, so investing the time in one is important if you want to get the best opportunities possible.
While resume is officially the first thing that companies will ask for. Personal website is a cherry on top of the cake. Remember to keep these points in mind while working on your website -

  1. Priorotize content as well as visual design

  2. Include a brief bio of two to five lines describing who you are.

  3. Include a portfolio page or a project list.


Host a networking party or a meetup with no agenda 

Last week I attended a party and it was an amazing experice for me. You must be thinking, I am stating the obvious. This will surprise you, it was a networking party. People from diverse industries, social groups gathered together, and had a memorable time.

We all fix an agenda before getting on a meeting, which is necessary so that we can complete our projects on time. But the best part about these 

If your home is too modest for a large party, you may also organise it at a local restaurant or use Zoom to host a virtual event.



Don’t restrict yourself by thinking that only these 5 things can help you to advance your career. I always ask you to experiment in the direction where you want to grow. That may not be the conventional way, but if it is aligning with your purpose then trust me you are progressing.


Shellye is committed to helping people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their aspirations in careers and life. The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.


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