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Major Mentoring Trends in 2021

  • 25th Jun'21

Our way of life and work has been irrevocably changed by the year 2020. As a result, many businesses have resorted to mentoring to help their staff stay engaged and connected from a distance as they face more isolated, stressed, and overworked personnel. 

The major workplace mentoring trends for the year 2021 are listed below. Learn how to make the most of a mentorship program designed to help you establish a more compassionate and connected workplace.


Mentoring Trends in 2021 


Mentoring for all sizes of organizations

The situational mentoring approach enables mentees to get mentorship for more urgent and particular requirements. Furthermore, a mentorship program is a valuable tool for SMEs since it enables them to address issues such as a lack of skilled labor, restricted possibilities for skill development within small teams, and high turnover rates, among others.


Virtual Mentoring: A New Era of Mentoring

Virtual mentoring has been able to satisfy the demands of companies searching for solutions to sustain knowledge transfer at a distance and to support their employees’ professional growth and dedication in a customized and human approach, as the "Work From Anywhere" trend has grown in popularity.


Mentoring Culture vs. Mentoring Program

Mentoring is more than just a program. When mentoring is a part of a company's culture, it communicates important values like mutual help, teamwork, development, and open-mindedness essential for a team's successful operation. Therefore, we need to shift away from highly organized and restrictive mentoring programmes toward a more flexible, casual, and accessible type of mentoring to attain such advantages.


Mentors and mentees more ready and confident as a result of training

With training, organizations can ensure that mentors and mentees are prepared, confident and motivated to support the growth of other workers. They will have a better understanding of their job and will be able to take advantage of this learning opportunity.


Mentoring programs at the heart of diversity and inclusion strategies

Mentoring has emerged as an important strategy for building diversity and inclusion within an organization in recent years. The specialized training and assistance provided to coordinators, mentors, and mentees are critical to the initiative's success.


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