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Leadership Traps That Prevent Accountability

  • 30th Sep'21

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality – Warren Bennis.

Leaders hold an influential position in an organization. They command power, direct teams, and set objectives for the teams. The values that the leader passes onto their subordinates primarily drive the firm towards success or failure. They ensure excellent outcomes and cultivate leadership within the teams. Every choice they make has a direct impact on the employees and the firm. As powerful as they are, they also bear the brunt of responsibilities during the firm's downfall.

In working through changes and ensuring an extraordinary outlook of the organization, leaders may fall into the mental trap, i.e., mistakes that present them in a different light altogether. These are the common mistakes made by leadership during a change. So, what are some of these leadership traps to avoid and ensure accountability?


Leadership Traps

Counting Every Feedback

Leadership revolves around the idea of inclusivity but not quite literally. There are many opinions within the organization. It is one thing to hear every voice but a whole different thing to please everyone. Hence leaders must look at suggestions objectively and proceed with what suits them. But again, the leader must not act in isolation and can count on assistance from others from time to time.


Failure to Establish Specific Goals

A leader's main job is to align the vision of the organization with individual goals. It implies the goals must be tangible and set by deadlines. There must be clarity in everything, from plans to complaints. Leaders ensure that everyone respects the timelines. If a leader has given his word to address a complaint, they must do so within the time frame. Often leaders fall short of this behavior that can act as a trap for them.


Not Being Flexible

Problems arise when leaders try to perfect every move of the workforce. Perfection is a vague concept and impossible to attain in a real-time scenario. Leaders can delegate tasks effectively and direct better when they are not concerned about perfection. Business is all about learning and adapting, and a flexible leader ensures a flexible team.


The Bottom Line

Leadership is a rank that deserves respect based on the actions a leader implements. Of course, there is the theory of what's right and wrong, but a leader ensures quality through his experience and values. The most vital leadership trap to avoid is doubting your intentions. So, confidence and the right intent is the key to effective leadership.


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