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Leadership Mentoring- Develop Your Leaders Through Mentorship

  • 28th Jun'21

Every company aspires to have a robust pool of leaders. However, establishing and growing leaders, let alone keeping them, maybe difficult for organizations. 

This article will describe how a company may use leadership mentoring to improve current and future leaders.


The power of leadership mentoring

Mentoring has long been an effective approach to acquire skills, build confidence and learn from others. As a result, when it comes to producing leaders, it's a natural fit. 

Many businesses have found success with particular leadership mentoring programs that pair high-potential employees with senior executives who can coach, assist, and motivate them. This aids succession planning and fosters the development of outstanding future leaders, which has a favorable influence on retention.


Using mentoring to develop future leaders

Here are a few significant factors that contribute to the success of leadership mentoring:


  • Experienced-based learning

This aspect makes mentoring ideal for leadership development, as senior leaders can share their road to leadership and the obstacles and lessons they learned along the way. 


  • Learning through role modeling

The mentee will begin to look up to the mentor as they get to know one another, develop trust, and learn a lot from their behavior and communication style. In addition, through their sessions, the mentor will pass on much of their natural leadership flare.


  • Being challenged

Mentors in a leadership mentoring program should be encouraged to push their mentees out of their comfort zones by challenging them. The mentee will gain confidence and experience resulting from this dynamic and begin to demonstrate leadership traits. 


  • Building a network 

Mentoring is an excellent approach for younger employees to develop ties and network with senior executives.


Using mentoring to develop current leaders

Mentoring others gives the ideal platform for understanding what type of leader you are, which is an essential aspect of leadership development. It's especially beneficial if a mentor has many mentees with different personalities since it gives them a chance to practice their communication and interpersonal skills. 

Mentors will become more self-aware as a result of teaching someone else about leadership traits and reflecting on personal experience.


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