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3 Leadership Lessons for Times of Crisis

  • 17th Jun'21

The worst of times brings up the best in people who do not give up. With leadership, this is something all of us witnessed in 2020. As when an unpredictable pandemic hit the world, organizations suffered an unimaginable loss. However, it was a lesson for leaders to prepare themselves for the future, like, how will they embrace an uncertain situation in the future?


Importance of Sharing Leadership Lessons

As a leader, is your team even that adaptive to face a crisis whenever it occurs? Not every leader must still be ready. Therefore, to share experiences and develop ideas for the future, senior leaders from various sectors had come together to successfully prepare strategies for dealing with any crisis in the future. And when great minds come together, they develop some excellent solutions, ideas, or even leadership lessons. Here, to take the time of crisis, I found three lessons in leadership.


Three Important Leadership Lessons


Encourage Psychological Safety

Ask yourself: Do your employees feel safe approaching you with their ideas or not? When it comes to leadership, leaders, in some way, must instill a sense of psychological safety in their teams. People will be encouraged to suggest new ideas and take more risks without the fear of failure. Besides, it also helps with mental well-being.


Don’t Fear Uncertainty

It is natural to fear things that are not in our control. But asking yourself a question like, “Can I plan for any outcome in the future?” 

Yes, there will be things that are out of your control. But when you prioritize, focus on things that you can control; half the work is done.


Be Adaptive

If there’s one thing everything can learn from a chameleon is to adapt. Similarly, an adaptive leader will always see through any crisis much more than a rigid leader who only knew one way to lead. Try to be as flexible in your approaches as possible, as explained in this article. Also, you can share about the important leadership training topics.


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