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12 Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Impostor Syndrome

  • 14th Jun'21

Fame is a double-edged sword: It will make you gain status and popularity and lose motivation and creativity. – Author Mouloud Benzadi

One look at the life of celebrities and we see the luxuries they avail. We judge them. Their fancy cars, apartments, and apparels keep us blinded from their innermost feelings and fears. We can never feel the pressures that fame could bring to them. Impostor Syndrome, a feeling that tells you you are unworthy of your success and makes you question your credibility is one of the most common emotional issues that affect a super successful person.

Can’t believe it?

Impostor Syndrome starts with a flicker of thought that you are fake, incompetent and the success you enjoy today is simply your sheer luck. It’s a conversation between your ego and alter ego. The ramifications of the syndrome affects your health and can be a cause of psychiatric issues.


Here is a List of Famous People who are Victims of Impostor Syndrome.


Sheryl Sandberg

It wasn’t an easy path for the COO of Facebook. With every accolade or excellence feather on her hat, she doubted herself. 


Sanna Marin

The youngest female Prime Minister in the World, the Finland lady,. says she worked through her impostor syndrome with time, doing her work and realizing that no syndrome can be any bigger than you.


Serena Williams

Former World No.1 female tennis player says she worked through her feelings of insecurity within her family in the presence of another great competitor, Venus Williams. 


Lady Gaga

The pop icon says she works daily on herself, inflicting positive thoughts to keep her going through her Impostor Syndrome.


Tom Hanks

This superstar of Hollywood says that despite his successes, he feels like a fraud and scares him, but he keeps aiming at his goals.


Michelle Obama

Former First Lady of the US, an influential author, strives to make people aware of the impostor syndrome through her speeches while working on hers. 


Meryl Streep

The best actress of her generation reveals how she works through her self-loathing thoughts and confidence and builds herself up with quality.


Sonia Sotomayor

The First Hispanic justice of the US Supreme Court speaks of her feelings of insecurity and detachment from the world. It is history to see her overcoming them with sheer hard work and moving on.


Darren Lockyer

The Australian Rugby player confides in the feeling of winning over losing on the field as a way to deal with Impostor Syndrome.

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter fame turns into herself to power her conscience when she gets uncomfortable with the recognition.


Sophia Amoruso

The American businesswoman attributes her confidence and preparation as steps she takes to fight impostor syndrome.


David Bowie

The famous singer thrashes his low self-esteem and self-image issues with constant work and positivity.

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