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Key Elements of a New Manager's Mindset

  • 19th Jun'21

Good Management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.- Paul Hawken

As you get that promotion and manager title, you feel a sense of pride and achievement. However, with that greater leap of power, you are charged with more enormous responsibilities. An essential skill you must acquire then is to get the new manager's mindset. With a new set of challenges and people management, you have to let go of the old style of working individually and learn to manage teams efficiently.


Here's How to Enable a Smooth transition:



The attitude that counts the most is to fit into the shoes of your subordinates. Simply ordering to get things done is old school and cannot make you a leader. Instead, walk with them, learn what bothers them and build them. That's how you start to think like a leader.



Learn about your team and its members. Reach out to them, motivate them. Half of the problems exist as a result of miscommunication. In the times of remote working, take help of the electronic media, i.e., phones, emails, messages, to assess the mental health of your employees. Phrase the questions to ask in one on one meetings. A problem once discussed is half solved.



You must learn to lead your team. You can't just focus on yourself. Your teamwork displays your management skills. See a captain of a cricket match? Even when he plays an essential role in the game, he takes care of the team's performance.The lessons in leadership says how good a mentor you are to your team.



The way you focus on your team members, you must also focus on how diligently they perform their responsibilities. What quality they bring to the table. Measure it and refine them. The groundwork is yours. Be a leader, not just a boss! What do you pay for as you watch a football game? The scores, right? It does not matter how you managed the team; the company looks for the results.



Always know about how your message is perceived. You must seek timely feedbacks to see your growth curve as a manager. 

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