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Is Negotiation a Leadership Skill?

  • 10th Jun'21

Leaders often have to deal with various kinds of challenges, resolve differences, bring everyone from the lands of disagreement to a consensus. How do you think leaders do it? They negotiate because negotiation as a leadership skill is powerful.

Still is negotiation a leadership skill?

Yes, it is and the basis of it lies in internal and external communication with everyone who is a part of an organization. Even the clients and vendors fall under it. But how can a leader use this tool to make the best out of it? It is by understanding how to negotiate as well as avoid negotiation pitfalls in the first place.




Rules of Negotiations

When it comes to the ways of negotiation, you need to be aware of some of the important rules that can be termed as the art of negotiating that you can see below::


Starting Point

It’s the most crucial point for a negotiator where the leader needs to be aware of the involved viewpoint to avoid any bias and ego clashes. Also, it helps with keeping emotions in check.


Emphasis on Timing

There is no denying that negotiations are time-bound. Therefore, it becomes more important that the leader emphasizes the importance of time and, based on it, asks and speaks on the crucial topics first.


Active Listening

Being an active listener is as important as being an active communicator. Also, it helps with positively influencing the negotiators. Besides, you wouldn’t want to come across as ignorant to your negotiators.


Honor Your Commitment

To honor one’s commitment is a trademark of a credible leader. Moreover, it is what helps the leader with easier negotiations in the future.


Have Alternatives

There is nothing wrong with setting high expectations. However, it is better to be realistic and have alternatives just if negotiation isn’t going your way completely.


Be Persuasive

As a leader, you must have some degree of persuasive skills to ensure that you don’t have to settle for an unfair deal or fear losing it.


Closing Point

The closing point is perhaps more important than your starting point because leadership and negotiation go hand in hand. Having a healthy bonding with their client is important for all leaders. To read more on this, check this article.


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