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Is It Time To Move On From Your Current Job?

  • 15th Oct'22

It has almost become the norm to bring the Covid-19 pandemic into every conversation we have, and as much as I appreciate the irony, I'd still like to bring it home one more time. 


The Covid-19 pandemic got us all rethinking our work and life balance. The volatility of the job market that followed the global recession made us carefully think about our jobs and financial plans. At the base of all this lie certain core questions that we shall discuss today.


What is the right job for you? How do you know it's time to leave a job? What are the signs you should definitely quit your job? What is fair compensation? How to balance work and life?


There is no harm in conducting a job search and considering your possibilities if you're debating whether you should change jobs. Speaking with a recruiter or other businesses can help you get a better sense of the prospects out there and whether your present job is paying you appropriately.


While you have power, changing jobs can be beneficial for your pay, perks, and professional advancement. The expectation is that you will change jobs more frequently at the beginning of your career and less frequently as you settle into higher-level employment.


Having said that, the decision to change your job can weigh heavy on you. So how do you know it's time to leave a job? Let us discuss some reasons why you should consider moving on from your current job -


Unfair compensation 

A good reason to hunt for new work is low pay. Generally speaking, you are underpaid when:


  • According to online payment tools, most people in roles or places similar to yours make more money than you do.


  • You are underpaid compared to a coworker in a comparable position or degree of seniority.


  • In the last two to four years, you didn't receive a pay review or a promotion.


  • You didn't bargain for a larger pay when accepting this job offer; instead, you agreed to a figure that was on par with what you had previously made.


  • Underemployment may be present if your employment agreement prevents you from working additional hours or requesting increased responsibility in order to receive a higher salary.


No prospects of scaling in your career/compensation/seniority 

The majority of us would like to advance in our jobs, whether it is to a more senior position or a different, more specialized area in our field. But if this isn't the case and there isn't a clear path for career progression, getting a new job can be your sole chance for advancement.


Take a look at your professional goals. Write your goals on a piece of paper and chalk out a strategic plan for yourself. Can your current position assist you in achieving your goals over the next five years? Or have you become distracted and stalled out at a lower level? It's time to update your resume and begin your job search if the latter is the case.


Unhealthy work-life balance

Does it seem like you work or think about work every waking minute? Do you no longer have time to spend with friends or engage in your hobbies? Sometimes it can be difficult to attain balance. But it's crucial that you can unwind, spend time with friends and family, or simply enjoy being yourself outside of work.


If you find it to be impossible to strive for this balance at your current job for whatever reason, it is time to call a headhunter. Having a work-life balance is not just beneficial for a healthy mind and body, but also for productivity and creativity at work (or otherwise). 


Lack of a work-life balance is a sign to assess your current job responsibilities against your responsibilities, compensation, and expectations. It is a good thing to consider your options if you feel things are getting overwhelming. 


You don't feel challenged by the work you are doing 

It may be time to take on new responsibilities at a new organization if you find yourself at work just "going through the motions." Fortunately, a lot of businesses are now rewarding candidates with distinctive projects and chances, so your next thrilling challenge might be just around the corner.


It is essential to keep yourself intellectually challenged in order to improve your skills and prosper in your career and life.


You just completed an important work project successfully

This is a relatively straightforward rule. Leave while you still have people's respect. If you recently finished a successful project, there's a strong likelihood that you get along well with many of your superiors and coworkers. As a result, you'll be able to acquire trustworthy suggestions from them. It will be relatively easy for you to change jobs when your resume includes a recent, successful project, as it will give you something interesting to discuss during the interview.


Nothing left to learn

When you can tell yourself, "I can perform this job with my eyes closed," it's obvious that a change needs to be made. You are no longer challenged or learning anything new; instead, you are only going through the motions. You've reached the point when you are wholly adept at the role. Not only is it time for you to find something new, but your organization wants you to do so as well because you are currently becoming a liability.


A toxic management/ work environment 

When you have the choice to leave a situation that is harming your health, there is seldom a solid excuse to stay. Undoubtedly, there may be financial benefits to remaining. Perhaps you'll require health insurance or accommodation. However, don't fool yourself into thinking that things will improve. Make a change as soon as you are able to if you are a victim of mental, emotional, or any other sort of abuse.


You want a different career 

You need to leave your job and pursue a profession that interests you if you're stuck at your desk, twirling your hair around your finger, searching for employment, bookmarking intriguing companies in your browser, and daydreaming about working from home or a friend's co-working space. Pay attention to your gut and adjust your career to make it happy.


Signs you are done with your current job :


  • You consistently have a tab open on a job board website.


  • To keep yourself from thinking about your own work, you frequently read about the lives and professions of individuals you respect.


  • At social gatherings, you detest stating your line of work and wish you could use another one.



How do you know it's time to leave a job?


Simply put, when your heart is not in it anymore. The reasons can vary from unfair compensation to career fulfillment. Make sure you don't take this decision in a haphazard manner. There is certain regard and seriousness with which you need to go about changing your job. You can not one day throw your work bag on the floor and insult everyone left, right, and center like they show in movies. You will need recommendations and 10 more documents, and then some to officially shift from one job to another. Not to mention the time it will take to find another job that is suitable. 


Change your job when you need to but do so gracefully and carefully. All the best!


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I recently quit my job just after 2 months of working in this company. I used to read about toxic work culture and micro managers but when I had to experience it myself I realize the toll it takes on your mental health. In this 2 months, first month was training. I was among the top performers in the training. Little did I know that if you have bad leadership and mentor they can break you inside out. Being an immigrant in this country I only have 60 days to find a job. But this time, I will not ignore red flags and company culture. Job market is looking very bad but I can say that I am at a much better place than I was when I was working for the toxic company.

2022-10-25 17:28:48