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Is It Possible To Travel And Work Remotely? How To Do It Effectively

  • 17th Aug'22

The culture of remote work has given us numerous opportunities to recapture the time in our life that we would otherwise not have time for.

While the idea of working from anywhere liberates us to concentrate on everyday things like hobbies and family time, it also makes it possible to working remotely while traveling the world.

But it takes a lot of planning, time management abilities, money management, and good health to work remotely while traveling.


10 Tips For Traveling Efficiently While Working Remotely

There are a few considerations to make whether you plan to travel combining business and pleasure (leisure) or decide to become a digital nomad and work remotely while moving from one nation to another.

These 10 tips can assist you in making plans, getting ready, and deciding whether you'd actually like to start working remotely while traveling.


1. Prior to traveling, organize everything at work

Before deciding to travel and work remotely, there are a few basic problems to address.

  • Investigate where and how you plan to live, as well as the local laws of the destination nation.

  • Make sure your manager or employer and your team are in agreement about your work schedule before you go.

  • Bring the device adapters you'll need for travel.

  • Always have a fallback plan in place in case you need to go back.


2. Prepare thoroughly in advance

Planning can prevent a lot of money and time from being mismanaged later on.

  • Assess your financial situation and calculate your monthly costs, taking into account the cost of living while traveling.

  • While you're at home, save money.

  • Find the best ways to make money while you travel.

  • Speak With other digital nomads who have already taken this action to help you avoid making the same mistakes twice.


3. Pay attention to your health

Health is wealth, after all. No matter what, it is imperative to maintain your health while traveling.

However, working while traveling places an even greater emphasis on being physically healthy. You can schedule your travels by taking your health into account. For instance, choosing countries with colder climates is better if you cannot survive the heat.

For instance, if you are taking medicine, talk to your doctor about the dos and don'ts before traveling. Verify your food allergies as well. This can prevent future problems while saving time, money, and energy.


4. Join remote work travel programs 

Those who are worried about doing this alone can join a supportive community that can help with housing, co-working spaces, etc. with the help of travel programs. 

Programs for remote travel include assistance with lodging, itineraries, social activities, airport pickups, Wi-Fi connections, etc.

Check out these remote work travel programs to see which one will work best for you first. These services cost about $2000 per month on average.

  • Remote Year

  • Hacker Paradise

  • Coworkations

  • Behere

  • Venture with Impact

  • No Desk Project

  • Wi-Fi Tribe

  • Nomad Academy


5. Have Wi-Fi in place

It's essential to have a solid Wi-Fi connection if you decide against participating in any remote job programs and decide to start your digital nomad journey on your own. Let's not presume that the café culture found in most Western cities can be found in every city in the world.

Consider purchasing an internet SIM card before traveling. A Wi-Fi hotspot might work, or you could reserve a space in the collaborative area.


6. Purchase a reliable set of headphones

While regular Apple in-ear headphones or their generic equivalents work good for packing, they are not the best headphones for shutting out noise. Background noise is not well-filtered by Apple headphones, even when the volume is turned up. Get the most well-known brand of noise-canceling headphones which delivers excellent results regardless of the degree of ambient noise.


7. Take socket adapters with you

If you use Mac products, the Apple World Traveler Kit is a wise investment. You will receive cords for about $30 each. It offers a safer power source and reduces the possibility of the device being harmed. Simply unplug the plug from an existing laptop or iPhone charger instead of attaching it to the inverter.


8. Use communication channels to stay in touch

If you plan to work online or use video platforms like Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Slack, and Skype, setting up communication channels is very important.

If you decide to sign up for an overseas phone plan, carefully weigh your options to avoid incurring exorbitant phone costs.

Thanks to a variety of available online messaging platforms, the majority of remote employees may function without spending money on an international phone package. Additionally, you can utilize your Skype account to purchase Skype Credits to make international calls to landlines and mobile devices.

Even conducting video interviews can be simple if you're familiar with the equipment and technology needed to execute your job while working remotely.


9. Be adaptable and transparent

Understand how the time zone difference can affect your job, and keep the lines of communication open with your coworkers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Keep communication open and let your team members know in advance if you'll have problems accessing the internet from a certain place or if you'll be gone for a few days.

Once you have a better understanding of it, you can also come up with a plan to use the time difference to your advantage.


10. Recognize your most productive times 

Knowing what makes you most productive is essential since it can help you finish your work efficiently and use the balance between of your time to travel or experience new things. Of course, there may be days when you are unmotivated and feel off. But a great playlist may help you start your day off right and make the most of it.


Final Thoughts

We do benefit from remote work because it allows us to explore the world. Additionally, it increases flexibility by enabling us to work from anywhere and at any time.

Even though there are millions of digital nomads, traveling and flexible working remotely may not be for everyone because it demands a lot of preparation and an open mind to embrace daily life as it comes.


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