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Intuition In Business: An Essential Skill For Leaders

  • 26th Aug'22

Have you ever gone through these feelings -

-Feeling uncomfortable with a group of people
-Traveling in a cab and feeling anxious, like something is not right?
 -Talking to someone and suddenly you feel you should not share any personal detail

Many of you do not pay attention to this and forget about it, labeling it as ‘nothing important.’ Ironically these are your strong intuition signs that you ignore every day.

Intuition - How does it help you?

Intuition is impervious to the logical or analytical intellect. You cannot specifically define it, so often you will hear it as a ‘gut voice’ or a ‘voice in head.’ Intuition for me is self-awareness. Your capacity to view yourself clearly and objectively is referred to as self-awareness. It can affect both the outcome of your decisions and the bottom line.

Self-awareness in leadership is a non-negotiable quality. It is human nature to be impulsive at times of crisis or when you are not able to decide something. Leaders can’t act on their impulses or take emotionally biased decisions. It is easier said than done but keeping the big picture in mind the innate impulse can be controlled. 

As humans, you are bound to commit mistakes. But what if you had a system to enhance your intuitive mind? you would commit fewer mistakes, or at least you would be aware. 

Let’s see how you can enhance your intuitive thinking.


Practice deep breathing  

When your employee is not submitting the work on the deadline, or a new competitor emerges, or maybe you had a technical failure in your services, these are enough to get you triggered. In all these situations you focus on breathing, which also helps you avoid burnout. You will be shocked to see how quickly your body has an adverse effect, which clouds your decision-making.

Nobody wants this anxious feeling. So what’s the next best step? To breathe, to let go of the anger, self-doubt, and judgments. This will increase the strong intuition signs and solve the crisis with an innovative solution.


Practice meditation and visualization

Next time when you are about to have an emotional outburst, take a pause. What I am about to say you may test it at this moment. Maybe while reading this blog you are struggling internally with anger. So what you can do is pause that reaction and try to imagine different scenarios and the desired outcomes. 

What you will be doing is simply a self-awareness exercise. To begin this journey, deactivate all the external distractions and your emotional responses, and sit still. Free your mind from the previous reactions and visualize a different picture. 
So right now, if you are going through a funding crisis and that’s an urgent requirement. You may consider visualizing all those different scenarios that you think are illogical. You will get your solution or you will create a better strategy.


Keep a reflective journal

In a 24-hour day, you may be frequently multitasking andcommunicating with diverse groups of people. Your conscious mind is working all the time to help you perform better, whereas your unconscious mind is passively grasping the important information that may be useful to you in the future. But you will not be able to use it. Why? You will forget in an instant. So what can you do? Take a notepad and exclusively pen down your hunches, words, and phrases that just came across your mind.

Writing will not always be your refuge;sometimes drawing is beneficial. Whatever technique you choose, itslows your mind down and calms you, which naturally helps you in making better decisions.

Why is intuition specifically so important in business? 

You will take effective decisions

When there is so much information available, you will feel overwhelmed. An intuitive mind will go through the complex information, and focus on the core of the issue. What will happen next is that your mind will save you from distractions and help you focus on the things that matter in the future and not the temporary crisis.


It helps us align with our mind

When you tune into self-awareness, you begin trusting your words and actions. Naturally, they both will align once you act with an intuitive mind. Why intuition is a superpower in business - you will understand this once you singularly keep your eyes on the core problem and no other factor influencing it. You will see that you are only focusing, to work around the challenge or this is one of the strong intuition signs that you should focus on.


It sets us apart

Every leader has unique abilities to maneuver business challenges. Now think, what if an intuitive leader tackles the challenges? I believe that the business will transform the industry they are working in. I am saying this because as a leader I know the minute aspects of intuition and how it has enhanced my decision-making skills. 
It is not about me, it is about those few who are harnessing their intuition, and utilizing it in the various aspects of their business. When you hear the term intuition, it is an abstract concept, but once you align your actions and the process, you will witness the effective benefits of intuition in your business and life.



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Deborah Crowley

I didn’t that my intuition is a tool for me Navigate through a situation. Yes, as a leader I sometimes doubt that intuition as I have a third party in my ear. Thanks Shelly’s for this post as I needed this today.

2022-11-05 19:01:33