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Intelligent Negotiation VS Negotiation Tactics

  • 21st Jun'21

Negotiating salary for your job, bargaining a deal with a client, delegating responsibilities to your team. You are negotiating in all these conversations. Most of the professional discussions you are involved in are negotiations. 

But, what factors contribute to a good negotiation?

Though, to be a good negotiator, you should embrace the art of negotiating.  

Intelligence. As Charles Craver has described in his book ‘The Intelligent Negotiator: What to Say, What to Do, How to Get What You Want,’ Intelligence is the key to a successful negotiation. An intelligent negotiator always knows how they respond under stress, what tricks they try to pull to catch you off guard, and how to negotiate a fair deal that makes both sides happy. 

An intelligent negotiator aims at building a strong relationship. Study your opponent inside out. Maintain his/her interests. It makes it easier to find solutions this way. 


Recommendation: Be an intelligent negotiator. 

This is unlike a competitive negotiator who focuses only on winning the negotiation. To win a deal or negotiation, a competitive type deceives the other party using destructive techniques. This destroys the chances of any future relationship. Being an intelligent negotiator will save you from avoiding common business negotiation pitfalls

You should avoid using techniques like


  • Giving false data 
  • Pretending to be ignorant to extract information 
  • Having dubious intentions 
  • Giving threats and ultimatums 
  • Showing emotions 


These behaviors are poor tactics in a negotiation. This damages your reputation. Creating a lot of pressure to get your negotiation process moving ahead is also one bad practice.


Making use of tactics like


  • Being adamant. Refusing even to negotiate 
  • Keeping extreme demands, you know the other person cannot fulfill 
  • Approaching higher authorities
  • Putting in last-minute requests. 


Always puts you in a hostile zone.


Remember, your spoiled relationship with one person gives you a bad reputation. Be an intelligent negotiator and satisfy the interests of both parties. Refrain from using negative tactics that ruin a negotiation. 

As John F Kennedy, former US President, said, “Let us never negotiate out of fear. Let us never fear to negotiate.”  

People avoid negotiating with competitive negotiators because their tactics are not sophisticated. People never fear to negotiate with an intelligent negotiator. 


For more details on this topic, do refer to the link: 

It’s always more intelligent to negotiate to look for common interest and building long-term relationships than to turn the process into a mere contest.  Read More


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