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Impostor Syndrome Will Kill Your Business

  • 14th Jun'21

We all know how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to get started. Most of them see failure initially and, later throughout their entrepreneurial journey, keep making efforts to make it work until the end.

The feeling of failure associated with insecurity about yourself, your self-worth, and your hard work often leads you to experience Impostor Syndrome. The more you tame negative thoughts, the more it overpowers you. As your business expands and you taste success, Impostor Syndrome engulfs you in self-doubt and questions if you have deserved your accomplishments.


How Badly Impostor Syndrome Affects your Business?


It Brings Down your Morale and Motivation 

Impostor Syndrome affects your work and the feelings of inadequacy makes it tough to even show up to work. In that single moment, everything falls, and you think that this is not meant for you.


Affects Work Quality

As you spend time addressing your thoughts, your work suffers. A person with a clear mind is an essential asset for a business. Impostors fight with their thoughts as they lack the clarity to move ahead.


It Leads To Procrastination

You become laid back and don’t feel the necessity to get the work done in the best possible way.


Takes your Focus Off Work

The feeling of I am fake has the potential to deviate you from your goal of being the best businessman.


Unrealistic Additional Responsibilities

The secret fear of high achievers dealing with imposter syndrome is that they expect to meet unrealistic goals.


All of the factors above are a possibility only if you give in to the vice of Impostor Syndrome. If you confidently march on and work genuinely towards the deeper routes of the problem, you will be able to see the light.


To Address it,


Fill in Positivity

Optimism only shows you the good in all the worse situations. Be optimistic. Surround yourself with positive people, read and uplift your thoughts.


Dive in and Work anyway

Most successful people with Impostor Syndrome address the vice by working through it. Your thoughts must never overpower your senses.


Imposter Syndrome kills business


Rely on Friends and Share

If it gets to your head, let it out and confide in someone. Our relationships keep us humbled. It’s a great practice to open up to them and not give in to the thoughts.


Maintain a Journal

Learn how to deal with Impostor Syndrome. Take note of your accomplishments. Remind yourself how you got there and be proud of them.

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The things we hate about ourselves aren’t more real than things we like about ourselves.- Ellen Goodman.


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