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Impostor Syndrome – How Yoga Can Help You Cure It

  • 13th Jun'21

The attack of Impostor Syndrome gets directed not to any of your physicality but the mind. A constant feeling of self-doubt and fear and giving all the credits to luck for your achievements is what it does.

Have you been a victim of it? Do you try to deal with it every moment of your hard-earned successful life? You are not alone then! Many high achievers fear Impostor Syndrome, an evil that kills none but takes away their enthusiasm.


About Yoga

Yoga, an age-old technique with its origin in India, helps significantly combat feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. Yoga unites the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person and allows you to be in the present, aware of your surroundings, and conscious of your situations.


Here is How Yoga Helps to Cure Impostor Syndrome


Teaches Balance

As you practice yoga, you master different postures (asanas) that show you to balance your body and calm your senses. The most effective way to do yoga is to do it slowly. And this pace gives you the energy to accept things as they are and to overcome Impostor Syndrome. You learn to accept your errors and try to work ways to address them.


Perfection is a Myth

When you start yoga, some poses are too challenging to try. But with practice, in about a few days, you can see yourself doing the same pose right with grace. The answer to perfection is practice. Yoga teaches you to practice and not focus on the results right away. Even as you try to master the poses, there could be scope for improvement. You can apply the same concept in life, too, right?


Stress Buster

Yoga helps you let go of stress, anxiety, fear of failure, and self-doubts. As you stretch and bend and force your senses out of their darkness, you move towards the light, so does your mind transform. Every little worry, the adrenaline rush is calmed, and you focus better on the problems at hand rather than feeling empty about it. Impostor syndrome makes you feel a certain way even as you do better in life. The power poses of Yoga alleviates Impostor Syndrome and channels your focus on doing your work the right way.


Teaches You to be You

No one judges you, looks down on you as you do your stretches. You recognize your imperfections and work on them. This learning can be mirrored in your life when you feel confused or question your efforts. As in the end, Nothing can harm you as much as your thoughts unguarded.

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