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3 Important Brand Elements To Consider

  • 29th Sep'22

In the world of marketing and branding, we can see every day a new brand trying to establish its distinct identity. Every brand has set criteria for choosing brand elements. According to the market, there are several elements that you could experiment with but after working with several businesses I understood that creating that brand persona is all about choosing brand elements that align with your brand’s vision. 

 Today we will exclusively focus on the 3 tangible brand elements, that easily enhance your brand’s personality. 


 1. Logo

Accenture’s logo is estimated to be somewhere around $100,000,000. I know what you are thinking - Why would any business want to spend so much money on a logo? A logo is the first thing that catches your attention. It is the essence of a brand's personality condensed into a distinctive image. It's usually your first encounter with a brand; it's the image that lingers in your imagination and evokes recollections of the brand when you see it again. That is why you can quickly figure out in a store where  Nike brand shoes are.

Remember choosing brand elements wisely is an important factor while you are promoting your brand but let’s not forget that logo is secretively creating a buzz in the market. It is on the business cards, on  social media platforms, your website, your merchandise, and all your advertising marketing materials.  I am sure now you have understood that why you need to invest in brand building and why brands are willing to spend a hefty amount on their logo.

2. Tagline

Here’s a guessing game for you, guess the brands from the taglines -
Think different... open happiness... Because you are worth it. I am sure most of you have got it right. These taglines belong to the brand Apple, Coca-Cola, and L'Oréal Paris

Tell me did you memorize these daily for an hour so that you come here and guess the taglines? We all know we never did that. But the brands made sure that you become their loyal consumers.
They made it simple for you by creating simple short phrases that will be on billboards, on T.V ads, and social media platforms. Someone smartly covered the 3 aspects of the brand by generating these taglines -

1. It covered the story of the brand
2. Automatically connected the brand name

3. Highlighted the overall brand’s mission

As human attention span decreases day by day, brands come up with innovative ideas to capture their consumer’s attention and compel them to buy their products through these catchy taglines.


3. Color palette

According to research, colors can have a range of effects, from elevating mood to inciting fear or anxiety. So you must comprehend the effects of colors if you want your brand to succeed. The brand color palette represents your brand’s personality. As a brand, you need to be careful while you choose this brand element because the color will be showcased on your website, business cards, etc.

According to various studies, 60% of consumers solely base their decision to be loyal to a business on its colors.  Some businesses have even gone as far as to patent their characteristic brand colors because the color is so crucial to branding. But why does it comes down to the colors?
Colors express key personality traits of any brand. For example - Apple has a simple combination of black and white which gives a sense of sophistication. Another example is Visa, whose color palette is dark blue which delivers a sense of reliability to customers.

I am sure you must have understood why this brand element is so important for businesses to thrive.


The competition will never go but there is a fair chance that your brand’s identity can be lost in all these marketing campaigns. Remember, to serve your customers or gain their trust do not forget your brand’s mission. Do not decide impulsively or anxiously about changing your brand’s name, identity or logo. It is never a fair deal. You chose your criteria for choosing brand elements for your business then it is okay to stick to your decisions for the brand.
In the end, you will always have a choice to rewrite your brand’s story.


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