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Importance of Team Training learned From The Miracle on the Hudson

  • 17th Jun'21

“Do you believe in miracles?” 

Maybe, you should because we all are blessed with some. But the thing is to make it work; we don’t need a wand. All you have to do is believe, just like the people in US Airways flight 1549 did, after the plane had to make an emergency landing on New York’s River Hudson. It was a rescue operation where the lives of the flight passengers and its crew members were at stake after a bird strike knocked out both the engines. On that day, flight passenger Dick Richardson and flight attendant Sheila Dail tell the world about the importance of team training that can save lives in the ages to come.


Team Training Matches Inexperience with an Experience

In airlines, there is a standard practice to pair less experienced people with seasoned ones. Richardson said that several industries do this too, as it helps the less experienced person learn about the job role soon. Such practices help the freshers in a difficult situation as they can learn from their professional partners. The experienced partner can use some refreshed look to tackle the problem better. Just like it did to Captain Sully and Co-pilot Jeff Skiles.


Team Training Teaches to do Their Respective Jobs When Matters the Most

Try to estimate the crisis that your company can face any day? Train your team members according to that. So, when the situation arrives, they will be ready. As soon as he figured out what was to happen, Captain Sully had to make his passengers know about it to avoid any panics, and he did exactly that. So, try to teach leadership lessons for times of crisis


Importance of Team Training for Everyone

In a difficult situation like that of US Airway flight 1549, you cannot have loose ends as it might dampen the chances of recovery significantly. So, train everyone in your team, prepare them for success, just like how the flight captain and its crew members are trained to handle passengers in that situation, as explained in this article. Also, team training can be done better with the tips to engage your team.


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