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How Women Manage the Gendered Norms of Leadership

  • 15th Jun'21

Do we even need researchers to tell us that there is a significant gender bias against women? It is pretty prevalent.


Women Leaders


Women's Leadership

When it comes to leadership, it's not much different as well; instead, it's a "Catch-22" there. Contrary to male leaders, women in a leadership role are expected to balance numerous paradoxes to be warm and pleasant and competent or challenging simultaneously. Likewise, they should be demanding yet caring, authoritative yet participative, keep a distance but should be easily approachable. Last but certainly not least, be self-advocates yet serve others.

So, these are the most visible norms that women's leadership has to manage to be successful. And here, you can flip a coin and say, "You take the head, and I take the tail, vice-versa." Therefore, you can practice these rational, thought-out strategies to manage the gendered norm conundrums.


How Women Manage the Gendered Norms of Leadership


Understand the Situation and Adapt to It

Since you cannot care and be challenging simultaneously, the best thing you can do is evaluate the situation and its people. Also, Based on the evaluation, you can accordingly decide how to handle that situation.


Stick to a Plan

The plan should be to cultivate a working relationship. Also, a relationship takes nourishment, effort, and care. It will help you win over your employee and colleague's trust, after which you can be demanding with them. As in a well-built relationship, people are more likely to understand why a person is authoritative or demanding.


Aim for Win-Win Situations

Many women leaders have effectively found a middle ground where they can be friendly and challenging simultaneously. It is sometimes referred to as the "win-win" strategy. So, focus on reaching such points in a discussion where all parties involved seem to benefit a culture of innovotaion.


Be Soft on People and Tough on Task

A challenging path which several women have mastered through the new trends in leadership and management. It has allowed them to be highly authoritative while at work and simultaneously like a friend with the same person after walking out of the room. You can learn a lot more from this article.


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