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How to Win Back your Boss's Confidence

  • 20th Sep'21

Corporate life is quite structured. It is not a statement but a fact. The reason for it is the hierarchy, and our career growth depends on how far and how soon we move up the hierarchy. To gain our boss's confidence is one of the greatest factors that ensure a healthy work environment. It is human to err, and uncertainties can creep up anytime to spoil even the greatest of work relationships.


How to Patch Up with your Boss even in the Toughest of Times

Stay Focused

Success often gets into our heads with every task we accomplish. We must never forget that the tech advancements and innovative workforce already have a competitive advantage. We also should focus on our priorities and ensure our team's visibility through proper delivery.  


Do What you Say

Always keep your word! Make it a rule to follow! Your boss relies on you, and if you do not finish work as per the deadline you suggest, you start falling in the eyes of your boss. Yes, you can keep communication open for times of unpredictability but remember to stay committed to time.


Step Up

Everyone appreciates a team member capable of saying yes to challenges. After the pandemic, the work procedure has changed to quite an extent. Catering to every kind of customer becomes quite a task at times, and if you chip in with innovative ideas, you become the team's star, and your boss stands for you. Learn to overcome an impossible task.



Share a track record of your work, schedule, deadlines you did not meet, or any other work-related message to your boss beforehand. Your communication skill and consistency are significant aspects of how much you value your boss. It builds their trust in you.


Stay on the Game

Go through the new updates. Learn managing through a layoff. Take up a course and polish your skills to be the best at what you do. Even if it looks tough or time-consuming, give it all. As you do so, you stand out many levels above your competitors and get your boss's attention.


Read them

Know your boss's objectives and aspirations. You must genuinely take an interest in their personality. Opt for one on one meetings and clarify the expectations they have from you. Once you learn their ways and understand their goals, you can use them to your benefit by completing your assignments on time.


Be your Fan

Sometimes, you might get an eccentric boss or a dominating one who may not cheer you up. Learn to succeed at work when your boss doesn't respect you. Be your own cheerleader and keep forging ahead.


Be Honest

Be yourself, and if you do not know something, admit it. You can always find out the information, but you must not proceed with the wrong information.


Know What Drives your Boss

Learn to see the unseen. Observe your boss's motivations and prepare yourself for events so that your boss gets great feedback on you. Put them in a good light through your good  work.


Learn How to Approach Them

Some bosses prefer one on one meetings, whereas some prefer emails. Approach your boss at their own time the way they prefer taking care of the time constraints.


Own your Mistakes

Employees often let their egos speak in times of disagreement. Refrain from doing that and learn to take accountability when things go wrong. You should not be the one making excuses! 


Show Them Their Good Side

We often forget to offer gratitude to our bosses for the support they extend towards building our careers. Remind yourself to thank your boss for being your mentor. Build a lasting relationship with your boss.


Be Proactive

Be the initiator, whether taking on a project or pulling a presentation to a group of recruits. Lead even when you have no power. When you do things proactively, a leader will always have your back. 


Be the Comrade that you Seek

Relationships with bosses can be great. Just a pinch of loyalty, a dash of kindness, some understanding, and you are good to go! When things are that open, you will always have your boss's confidence.  


Make Amends

If you did not deliver a project as per your boss's expectation, do not back to make amends. Take up a course, update yourself and be stronger than ever. 


Do Good Even When No One's Looking

Always strive to be the hardest worker in the room. Be punctual with dates. Learn to go up the ladder with a proper commitment to work. Being prepared to take on a challenge is good but researching the best ways before setting your foot ahead creates the difference. When you are the best version of yourself and leave no stone unturned, your boss can never ignore you, and you easily win back your boss's confidence.


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