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How To Use Planner To Become More Productive?

  • 25th Jun'21

Do you feel like you have a lot on your plate but not enough hours in the day to do it? If yes, then you need a Planner.

When you create a planner or system that is precisely what you want, you can assure that you will keep on top of all you need to do. 


Here’s how the planner will help to become more productive:


One: Choose Your Style

Everyone has a distinct style, so pick a cover that you'll enjoy and that will remind you of the goals you've set for yourself. There are two options: daily and yearly, so think about it before making your decision. 

Choose the yearly layout if you wish to prepare quickly with short deadlines and dates. Grab the daily layout if you'd rather write out your whole day schedule and track your self-care.


Two: Plan Your Day

Start by jotting down your most important tasks for the day if you're using a daily planner. Then, to make things aesthetically appealing, add tabs, post-its, and stickers. If you like to make a long list, consider adding timings to it to set mini-deadlines for yourself. 

Begin planning your breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks on the next page. Then document your exercises, self-care, water consumption, and personal comments, as well as your grocery list and spending. This design brings everything together to help you enjoy a productive and stress-free day.


Three: Set Some Monthly Goals

If you need to plan ahead, utilize next year's layout to make some objectives, keep track of your deadlines, and become organized. Plan your goals and set down activities, events, reminders, and deadlines on the monthly calendar layout. Then, discover a weekly scheduled arrangement that's ideal for appointments, deadlines, and a hectic week that has to be controlled in little chunks. 


Four: Combine It With A Desk Pad

Because there is no such thing as a perfect daily schedule that fits everyone, why not pair your planner with some desk pads?

You can just pull off the sheets when you're done, whether you need a family management pad or something to make your day a bit simpler.


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