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How to Use Mirroring as a Negotiation Tactic?

  • 10th Jun'21

Have you been researching the various negotiation tactics to leverage a better deal from your employer? 

And why shouldn't you? 

Every hard-working employee deserves a raise. 

You must have learned about various negotiation tactics or strategies, but have you heard about Mirroring as a negotiation tactic? Okay, some of you have. But there is a complete chance that a lot of you haven't. So, for them, here is what mirroring means.

Mirroring is the process where you figure out the keywords used by your negotiating partner and repetitively use them. Mirroring is considered an essential negotiating tool that a person can use to bargain a better or satisfying deal for themselves. When someone repeats the word that's been constantly used or focused on by their partner, it positively affects them. The effect comes from the understanding that the person is paying attention to the negotiators' words. As a result of which the person improves his chances to effectively negotiate and solve your problems.


Negotiation Technique


Even though mirroring as a negotiating technique can be an excellent tool, only some people can benefit from using it for negotiation in business and your career. Let us look at some of them.


  • Government Officials: Government officials in leadership roles can use the mirroring technique to implement better laws, rules, and even treaties.
  • Small Business Owners: Business owners can benefit the most from this technique in selling and buying merchandise.
  • Shoppers: Similar to small business owners, individual shoppers, too, can use the mirroring method to estimate the market value of goods and services.
  • Realtors and buyers: When it comes to real estate transactions, both sides can have mirroring.
  • Couples: Couples can benefit from mirroring to navigate their relationships.
  • Employees: As pointed out initially, salary negotiation can benefit a lot from the mirroring technique.
  • Almost Anybody: Mirroring negotiation techniques can help in various scenarios where people search for common ground.


To know more about mirroring as a negotiation tactic, check this article.


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