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How to Tell Your Bosses They're Wrong?

  • 24th Jun'21

You love to be appreciated for doing the right thing. So are your bosses. However, you and your bosses cannot be right every time. From time to time, your managers give you a reality check. 

But, you are in limbo when you have to tell your boss, “Sir, you are wrong?”

Unfortunately, it is not that simple as it sounds. Errors you make are still manageable. But, errors your bosses make can prove to be disastrous for your organization. Therefore, they too have to be given a check from time to time. 

When you sense that your bosses are doing something wrong, it is inevitable for you to raise concerns. 

How do you do it? 

How to tell your boss they are wrong? 


Telling your Boss they are wrong

Though it is not easy, it is not impossible. These tips will help you raise your concerns without offending your bosses. 


  • Do your homework properly

When you approach your boss and say you have done the wrong thing, he/she is not going to accept this happily. You have to reason with them and make them count their mistakes practically. A good study, along with proper consequences will not make you look like a fool. Support your suggestions with data. 


  • Hit at the right time

If your boss is having a rough day, avoid having this conversation on that day. You need his/her full attention. So take a prior appointment, so they are mentally prepared. 


  • Respect and Humility

In an emergency, there is a possibility that your boss might not give you time to have a long discussion. Raise this issue respectfully when there are others present. Be polite. Do not accuse. 


  • Admit your own mistake.

There are possibilities that mistakes took place from your side. In such cases, rather than blaming others, accept your faults and close the conversation. 


  • Let go

Sometimes, just let it be. The errors might not be that big. But when you often keep pointing out mistakes, your bosses might just start ignoring you. 


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