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How to Tackle Negotiations as a Woman Entrepreneur

  • 29th Sep'21

Women have significantly made their presence in negotiations ranging from employee salary, business deals, investor pitches to contract negotiation. However, in entrepreneurship, the situation is much more critical as various surveys have shown that women entrepreneurs are lied to in the negotiation process. Women are often subjected to gender bias in workplaces. As a result, many had to settle for less to keep their job. Therefore, it becomes essential that women entrepreneurs are well-versed in negotiation skills to ensure they never have to pay for less. To help you with successfully negotiate these scenarios, here are some excellent tips for tackling negotiations as a woman entrepreneur.


Tips to Tackle Negotiations as a Woman Entrepreneur

Following are essential tips that you can practice before getting into a negotiation:


Thank the Client for the Opportunity

Whenever you start a negotiation, a positive start is a must. And what better way than to thank the client who agreed to a negotiation.


Always Negotiate to Your Benefit

Just because you are a woman entrepreneur, it shouldn’t mean you should settle for less to close a potential deal. Yes, the situation may risk losing the client, but you must look at things from a long-term perspective. If you shy from negotiation, then chances are you might lament yourself later for it. So, why put yourself in such a situation?


Acknowledge the Client but Stay Affirmed

While negotiating to your benefit is essential, not losing a client is no less critical. So, how do you balance the two? First, you must acknowledge what the client is looking out from the negotiation. Second, while doing so, you must intelligently maintain your stance. The best way to manage such a situation is to find a middle ground where both can agree comfortably. It is only possible through the effective strategies for negotiating a business deal.


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