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How To Tackle Impostor Syndrome While Working Remotely?

  • 17th Jun'21

The pandemic has made it inevitable for all of us to work from home. 

But, can work from home create a healthy work spirit? 

This has its pros and cons. While work from home is a boon for women, it can simultaneously prove harmful to your mental health. However, it should be noted that Impostor Sydrome hits women and women of color harder - why? On the other hand, when you work in your office, you have the right person to guide you through your huddles. You get immediate feedback. You know the direction of your work is correct and you set your path straight. 

However, when you work from home, you tend to get lost. Also, communicating with your colleagues and seniors takes an extra effort. So, doubting yourself and feeling anxious about your work is normal. Several questions run through your mind when these feelings take over. 

Am I doing it right? 

Is my work being noticed by the bosses? 

These feelings create room for Impostor Syndrome which can easily delay your efforts and reduce your productivity. But, Impostor syndrome can be a comptitive advantage. It can be fought and dealt with. 

data revealed that 70% of Americans go through this feeling of Impostor Syndrome; it also states that a racialized component intensifies its impact on black individuals, especially women. 


How can you get over it?


Fighting Impostor Syndrome while working remotely


  • Positive Mindset

Have a positive mindset. Staying locked at home and working for hours makes you mentally exhausted. You feel low, and the feeling of self-doubt creeps in. But, stay positive and think on the bright side. 


  • Flexibility 

Be flexible in your thoughts. Being rigid is of no use to you. You need to keep your mind relaxed and adaptive to new changes. Cribbing for small things and getting irritated will affect your performance at work. 


  • Growth Mindset 

Have a growth mindset. During these testing times, you should have a strong head towards your work. A static mind or an emotionally unstable mind creates a hindrance in your work process. 


  • Speak Up

Talk is out. When you are low on your self-esteem, talking about it to your colleagues and bosses helps you gain confidence. Though in work from home, this is like walking the extra mile for everyone, but initiating a conversation always helps. 


Like author Jolie A. Doggett says, “Being women of color, We can hear it loud and clear when we receive almost daily messages from society that we truly don’t belong,” she writes. “This feeling of otherness is a common occurrence in the workplace where, too often, we may be the only person of color present.”

Well, does questions like how can I support someone with Impostor Syndrome cross your mind?

Yes, you can be a support for your colleagues fight this. Just a few encouraging words for anyone dealing with Impostor Syndrome is a great support for them.   

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