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How To Resolve Identity Crisis While Pivoting?

  • 28th Oct'22

Growing up I hear narrations and whispers around me about the skills that would be suitable for me, and the profession in that I will excel. I see my friends parents informing them about the “right” skills they need to learn, the same was for my parents. And while you are reading this you must be recalling your childhood and thinking “this thing happened with me as well”.

Here’s an interesting fact none of us holds a single identity, interest or inclination towards the same skill. 

When you are young, you learn and implement what you are told to but as you enter the professional world, suddenly you are in a career identity crisis.  Why did it happen and how to resolve the career identity calamities transition, we will talk about this in this blog today.

Resolving the career identity crisis 

Landing your first job is like pivoting. Both scenarios produce uncertain feelings. Social connections at work are essential for the development of your professional identity, according to research on young adults. This is positive news. As soon as you can interact with your new coworkers or a larger group of professionals in your sector, you will have the opportunity to get crucial advice for your career pivot.

1.  Have conversations in your network 

A few days back I was at a virtual networking event. After the event was over, some of the members reached out to me individually, and one of them started her entrepreneurial journey. We talked for a good hour and shared the challenges we faced, and the accomplishments we had. I had this conversation after a really long time so it felt good that someone has went through a similar experience. 

I am not saying you start criticizing your business or job. When you share the challenges you face on a day to day life with people from the same profession it gives you moral support, mental stability, and also a relief from the career identity crisis you are going through.

2. Be realistic with your expectations

I have often seen candidates expecting way too much from their new job. They will not check if the goals or vision is aligning with their current job or not. They will just make a vision board and assume that their new job will fulfill it. It is a common phenomenon among freshers. Unfortunately, it is the reason for the career identity crisis you are about to face in the future.

After you've aced the interview and read all the success stories online, it's acceptable to feel enthusiastic. But keep in mind that everyone experiences first difficulties, so be prepared to make mistakes and gain knowledge. Although it isn't pleasant, it is a vital step in the procedure.

3. Plan something to look forward to, don’t be stuck in the same pattern 

When you're confused and overpowered, it's tempting to withdraw. However, it's crucial that you have a place to go and someone to talk to. Especially if you suddenly find yourself with a lot of free time. You may have been laid off from your company or left the job. According to me it is better to go out and explore rather than mulling over the question how to resolve the career identity calamities transition.

Put some social gatherings on your calendar. There is no need for a big event; if it feels more comfortable, hold a small, low-key gathering instead.

4. Give yourself permission to be transitioning or between jobs without fear of shame

Before COVID itself we saw the hustle culture dominating at workplaces and businesses. During COVID it grabbed a bit more attention. That time was really horrifying for people who were out of jobs, or going through a career identity crisis.  But most of them were resilient so they bounced back, I know you are one of them. I saw how people are creating communities and uplifting each other inspite of their personal challenges. 

Similarly we all need to recall this today. It’s not the time to feel shameful or regretting your decisions. Trust me, you won’t be here in this crisis forever. It's acceptable to lack expertise. Allow yourself to accept the ignorant part, and take your time to work on your tasks. Forget what other people may think. Finding the best path for you is entirely up to you.

 5. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone

We frequently prevent ourselves from pursuing our actual passion in life out of fear of what other people would think of us. How ironic it is we are being hard on ourselves at the most crucial time. The time when you are going through a career identity crisis. You tell me is it sustainable to plan your career like this? See, There are challenges that you are ready for it, then there are challenges which are new so you fear, that you will not perform well, you will face failure and so on. 

Whatever narratives you have told yourself or been advised by others, erase those.  If you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities, even when you "aren't something," you can still become a valuabel asset. There is a silver lining to every challenge, yes you cannot see it because what we think and what happens that’s just beyond our thinking.

If you are really know what you are going to do then go ahead upskill yourself, attend the networking events. You won't have any regrets other than not trying it. It is okay to fail atleast you know the do’s and don’t after that.

6. Challenge yourself, accept the flaws

Are you also one of those who think, that people are always gossiping about you, and criticizing you? Let me bust that myth for you/ Nobody has the time to care.
We are all too preoccupied with attempting to realize our aspirations, desires, and objectives. If anything, people will regret the fact that they aren't being as courageous as you and express admiration for you.

Let not ‘people’ become your reason for not challenging yourself. Find your reason to get out of the old pattern that is not adding any value to your life. Once you find it, don’t start working on it as a part of your career identity crisis, assign a purpose to the reason, something where you can see the patterns breaking, and impactful outcomes.

Acknowledge that you are probably the one evaluating yourself the worst right now. Take care of yourself. Be your own best ally.


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