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How to Manage Eccentric and Autocratic Bosses

  • 23rd Jun'21

Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others – John Maxwell.


In this era where examples of decisive leadership are many, some bosses tend to make life difficult for their employees. Problematic bosses can be of many types; however, let us focus on two extremes, i.e., Eccentric Bosses and Autocratic Bosses.

Eccentric Bosses are the category of a know-it-all! They have half information regarding any matter, but they show off as an expert. Then, with a little support from the top management, they spread their wings and give a hard time to subordinates. Autocratic bosses, on the other hand, are the authoritative kind. They are straightforward yet strict. So you, as an employee, have to work as per the action plan laid out by them and often find no scope to improve your work. So, the real question is, how to manage eccentric and autocratic bosses and establish a great work relationship?


Deal with Eccentric Bosses


Be a Step Ahead

Your knowledge and work must be the strongest weapon. 


Know their Weakness

The actions they do are primarily to protect their position. Therefore, be honest with your work and act with extreme care. Try to make life easier for your boss.


Learn to Let it Go

New boss means new opportunities and challenges. As you learn to face the challenges and let go of minor mistakes, you start to win their trust.


Don’t Be Scared

Learn the tricks of the job and switch to keep your sane. 


Deal with Autocratic Bosses


Stay Ahead in your Job

Your performance leads you closer to them.


Don’t Fight it Out

The best way to say something is to be polite. 


Mend the Gap

Enhance his people’s skills by reaching out to other subordinates.


Give them the Power

Let them feel great as they are, and you get the work done efficiently and up your game. That's how you deal with an overly demanding boss.


Be a Consistent Performer

As you set your standards high, you will never be overlooked and get the freedom to work your way.


Fake it Till you Make it

It is a tedious job to impress your bosses all the time. Our work should be a product of innovation, strategies, and techniques, combined with dedication and honesty. To get to the greater good, don’t be stuck with mini obstacles.

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