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How to Make Your Boss A Better Communicator?

  • 11th Oct'21

Communication is only effective when we communicate in a way that is meaningful to the recipient, not ourselves – Rich Simmonds.


Have you ever found yourself confused after a meeting with your boss? Especially when there have been too many things discussed; it could be policy, a project, or small talk. They must have repeated the contents again and again. But you feel nothing makes sense, and you are just there for the sake of it. Are you getting the drift? If you have experienced anything as such, you should know you are not alone! Our bosses sometimes could sound vague on purpose, but most of the time, it is their lack of putting forth the right way of communication.

Your job is crucial for you, and doing your best implies knowing what your boss expects of you. When your boss isn’t communicating correctly, it could pose a problem in the quality of both of your jobs. So, recognizing the signs and using the tips below ensures smart ways to make your boss a better communicator. 


Tips To Improve Your Boss’s Communication

Take Notes and Repeat

Do you know the concept of minutes in a meeting and why it is so relevant? The reason is, minutes ensure the team does not leave out any important information discussed. Also, the minutes help the presenter clarify if they have missed something or the facts are good to go. Taking important notes and using them is one of the ways to lead when you have no power.

Assess what you discussed with your boss and repeat the information to them to convey that you both are on the same page. In this way, they can also catch up if you have left out something or misunderstood any content. For example: If they say, Publish five articles this week. Repeat it, saying, You want me to publish five articles in the following week on weekdays only. And they may agree or clarify if they are okay with posting on weekends, too, but the number stays at five. So repeat the information back, be it anything from instructions to goals to policy discussions.


Ask For A Change 

When you understand that one way of communication is not working out, suggest another way. Sometimes with the responsibilities and added work pressure, managers tend to forget the importance of effective communication. They just want to pass on the information or share the update or give the project details. But they do not assess how many could follow what they are saying. If you want to make your boss look good, follow up with their style. 

Your boss usually communicates via email, giving details of what they want the team to do. One of the ways to manage your boss is by following up with them in their cubicle after you read the mail and are clear about your responsibilities. Keep doing this every time they mail, and soon after, you would see them arrange a small meeting (one-on-one or team meet) to discuss the things mentioned in the email verbally. A personal touch always enhances relationships both ways. So, act on the issues you find in their style and convey politely. Encouraging them to change their approaches will also help them delve into some creativity at the workplace.


Be A Proactive Team Player

We all appreciate some motivation, even if it comes from our subordinates. Learn to be that person. It is not always the job of a boss to check with their teams. You can approach your boss and suggest a weekly meetup. Gather your queries and let your boss answer them in these meetings. Meeting often, even for some time, is an excellent way of bonding and also helps in organizing our work. Learn to win back your boss’s confidence if things tumble over at times.      

The best part about the weekly meetings is that it becomes easier to talk to your team, and ideas sharing becomes common. We also get assistance from other members on how we can simplify a project without stressing about it.


Give An Honest Feedback

At the end of every session, our bosses seek our feedback and suggest what we can improve. So, be honest while you give that feedback. Enhance constructive criticism if your boss appreciates that. But mostly, do not butter them up if you strongly disagree with their communication styles. Instead, approach them politely and discuss what could have been better in their styles. 

For example, You can start with, “I appreciate how you managed to bring us all together even when we had a difference of opinion, but I would suggest you give more real-time examples.”


Show Them Examples

Communication is not only a skill one possesses, but it is something one can always improvise on. And believe it or not, we all strive to become better communicators. So if you know a better way to communicate, pass it on to people you can influence. 

For example: When you present something, give your best and also assess what your audience learned. As you do that, you show your boss a new style that they can probably catch on to and improve his communication. Make use of gestures, question your audience, start your presentation with a humorous note, and influence your boss in a better way.


Offer To Help

Sometimes a helping hand is better than a talking mouth. In more significant projects, extend your help to your boss to look good, influencing them to communicate well. Think of a sudden work call with the team, and your boss has some other commitment and gives you the job of discussing the contents. Ensure you deliver them well. Check with your team if they received your information correctly. Ask for any doubts they have and clarify those. In this way, the feedback will make your boss happy, ensure an excellent relationship with them, and your work quality will influence them to communicate better with improved vigor.


Take The Lead

Do not wait for things to fall in place. One of the smart ways to make your boss a better communicator is to show that you are one. Even there are many good things you can learn from a bad boss. Channelize your thought process so that they see the clarity of your thoughts. Because a person who has clear ideas and knows organizing them can communicate better. Apart from this, ensure you challenge your boss’s existing style of communication and help them improvise. After all, relationships flourish with effective communication, be it a business relationship or personal.


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