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How To Lead When You Have No Power?

  • 27th Aug'21

It is one thing to be influential and another to be authoritative. Those who are influential are usually leaders, whereas those who are authoritative are managers or someone with power owing to their position on the totem pole.Leaders can be authoritative, but they don't need to be as forceful as a manager. Likewise, you can be a manager and leader as long as you don't moan about your position to make someone do something. While these are the two common scenarios, there's one more that you must know about if you want to be an effective leader. And that's – How to lead when you have no power?

Now, it is no "rocket science" or something like "12 labors of Hercules" that you must pass through to be hailed as a leader even when you have no power. In fact, it is much simpler than either of the two. You just have to master the three things mentioned below to know how to lead. In other words, you have to decide if you want to be good boss or a great one.


Be Ethical and Be a Doer

To be ethical means to be a person with excellent character. Only a person with credible character can make others do things, even when they have the power to respond with a "No." Also, nobody would follow a fraud, let alone someone who cannot walk the talk. So, you mustn't be just a great personality but also a complete doer. Look at it as a challenges and opportunities.


Build Relationships

The power of relationships is unmatched. It is what makes family and friends so important. Even in the workplace, if you focus on developing a healthy relationship with higher-ups and subordinates, you will most likely be influential to all of them despite your position.


Be Visionary

A leader can never be without a vision. So, despite your position on the totem pole, if you can have an idea strong enough to make others believe in it, you will always be able to lead others. Others will immediately comply with your vision for their success.

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