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How To Handle Multiple Bosses & Not Lose Your Sanity

  • 22nd Jun'21

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘To Do’ List. – Michelle Obama


As you bask in that beautiful time spent over the weekend on a Monday morning, nagging thoughts peep in and fog the happiness. Reporting to your bosses may not be very appealing to those who play the role of a superintendent to more than one boss. 

So how do you handle multiple bosses?

Well, with some perspective! With the increase in workload, companies prefer a matrix structure. Here, you have to report to more than one superior and get their jobs done. Though it may look like many helpful hands over your head, it can build up your emotions and give you a headache. 


Some of the Problems faced with Multiple Bosses are:

  • You struggle with time management

  • You get confused with the priority list.

  • You lack clarity of the structure of the organization.

  • You feel stressed with deadlines and lack vision.


A Way Out

It is essential to find a way out of the problems to handle the management above you efficiently. Here is how:



Never undermine your power to speak up. It would help if you always let the channel of reporting open. However small the reason is, if it affects your work, inform the concerned boss. Make them talk to each other if need be. The first step is to have an excellent relationship with the boss.


To Do:

At the start of the week, make an accessible folder and update your to-do list with timings to avoid confusion with your bosses. This in turn enables you to manage your bosses' calender.


Immediate Boss:

Always reach out to your immediate boss with your schedule. This person is in charge of your appraisal and performance rating. You can even ask him to mentor you when things get complicated.


Learn to Say NO:

If you have an immense workload already, politely refuse the manager who puts more targets on your table. Learn to set boundaries and tell your bosses they are wrong.. It is only a part of your life.


Look at the Brighter Side:

With better exposure, you will achieve your goal quicker. Always be proactive with your responsibilities. Act smart, and don’t take it personally.

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