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How to Handle a Dominant Team Member?

  • 16th Jul'21

A team comprises many types of people, from the highly extroverted to the overly reticent. As a leader, it might get challenging to address this whole bunch of different personalities and make them function together.

In this article, we will learn practical ways to handle a dominant team member. 

Who is a dominant team member?

A person who is headstrong, determined, and can influence others is known as the dominant person. However, that’s not all for them. 


Here are some more characteristics of a dominant member:


Witty and Aggressive

So he is the member who has an opinion about everything and has the habit of cutting people off in the middle of conversations.


Highly Confident

Do not be surprised by the knowledge of their confidence levels. The best part is confidence is not just in their approaches but also shines through their work.


Blunt, Quick but Impatient

They don’t like to beat around the bush and are quick decision-makers. However, they become impatient with colleagues who take time to understand things.

Therefore, it is essential to learn ways to handle a dominant team member to bring neutrality, peace, solid decision making and an unbiased culture at work.


Handling a Dominant Team Member


Make them aware

Talk to them personally and give feedback on how they don’t give a chance to other team members on occasions and show them how they can improve. Every problem has a way out through effective communication.


Acknowledge their interest

Having a strong and determined employee is one of the most significant benefits. React to their initiatives positively and don’t barge them off abruptly.


Allot jobs to every member

To encourage other members of the team, engage your team and assign specific jobs to every individual. This way, the workflow will be smooth, and opportunities will be equal to all.


Limit the time 

Given a chance, a dominant member can interrupt others consistently. Set limits or cut them off politely so that they don’t hurt other members.


Paint a Bigger Picture

Dominance can be a step to leadership and how they can lead. Do not overlook the signs. There is only a thin line between ignorant and dominant. You might understand them better if you take a third opinion and see the bigger picture of their creative ideas.

As leaders, we must remember the quote below:

Don’t find fault; find a remedy! – Henry Ford


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