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How to Give a Speech That Everyone Remembers: Power and Confidence

  • 18th Jun'21

A speech can go in two directions - either it will influence the people in attendance, or the people in attendance will influence it. First, however, people will remember the one that influenced them.

So, how do you deliver such a speech that everyone remembers? Many a times, with alll eyes staring at you, and ears directed towards your direction can be enough to overwhelm you and make you fumble at your speech. To be the centre of attention is never easy when people have expectations from you. Fear, nervousness, anxiety, etc., can comfortably creep in and make you uncomfortable in such a spot. However, here is some guidance to overcome all of it and deliver a speech that everyone remembers about leadership and management.


Try to be Yourself

While you are on stage, it is natural to become image-conscious involuntarily and be worried about how people perceive your look, appearance, etc. However, this is your time to be yourself and not worry about other people’s thoughts about you. If needed, give yourself a motivational talk before going on the stage.


Always be Prepared

Confidence is one way to deliver a good speech and it is one of the important lessons in leadership. The best way to be confident is to come prepared for your speech. When you are fully trained, then you significantly decrease your chances of fumbling and getting overwhelmed. Hence, plan your speech with enough time in hand, and instead of memorizing your speech word by word, focus on delivering it usually like you are talking to someone.


Body Language

Body language helps a great deal with how you initiate your speech, and the way you start your speech will set the tone for the rest of it. Also, it can help you in even commanding the crowd in your presence. So, work on your gesture, the way you stand, and how you interact with the public nicely. You can learn a lot about body language through body training and if you want to learn more about how to deliver a good speech that everyone remembers, then check this article.


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