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How to Future-Proof Your Career Path in 2021

  • 20th Sep'21

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world, many of you may have had concerns regarding your career due to the rising unemployment rate. And now, that world was brought to a standstill by the novel coronavirus, thousands of people worldwide have lost their job or are still struggling to find a career drive. As a result, if any of you have any concerns related to your career or job, then let me tell you that it is completely justified. After all, our career plays a crucial role in shaping our lifestyle and striking a balance in it. Not to mention, losing your job can be the worst nightmare at a time when people are struggling to find one.

Furthermore, not many are aware of ways to recover after their career gets derailed. Especially in 2021, the situation has worsened, and people are becoming more depressed and filled with anxiety. And not surprisingly so, as they are on the cusp of losing their job right when they thought there could not be a better job for them. Some people even keep a guide to career goals with short term and long term career goals. So, to ease some of that stress, here are some valuable tips that you can practice to future-proof your career path in today’s time of uncertainty.


Tips to Future-Proof Your career path in 2021

Following are tips you can use to future-proof your career path in 2021 as part of your career development strategy:


Think Big, Think Globally

You live in an era of technology where remote work and networking are at their heights. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter operate globally to create and develop a more culturally diverse working organization. So, the chances are that if you have more experience working and collaborating with people from various parts of the world, your career path, more likely, will remain safe and sound. However, to position yourself as such, you need to start thinking big and globally. The more you work with people across states and borders, the more confident you will grow in your career. Confidence in your abilities can go a long way to future-proof your career path in 2021.


Keep a Journal

If you look at any successful personalities and leaders of the world, you will notice that each one of them tends to maintain a journal. Now, most of them do so to keep track of all their mistakes and success attained over months and years. It can be very rewarding to anyone who can keep a journal seriously. Maintaining a track record can help you identify the loopholes and mistakes and learn from them so as not to repeat similar patterns of behavior. Simultaneously, you can use your history to better strategize on how to future-proof your career path.


Get into Networking

The power of networking in dominant social media times is second to none. It is the power of networking that, in the first place, has enabled the rise of remote work, entrepreneurs, and even self-employment. So, undermine the potential of networking at your risk. And if you are not so familiar with networking, then it’s high time you put some time into learning about it. Learn about it to build your professional network. LinkedIn is a perfect place where you can start to build your professional network. Other ways to do so are training webinars, consulting former colleagues or informative friends, joining professional groups, etc.


Learn More about the Industry You Work in

Different industries have seen various levels of growth and downfall for ages. There was a time when the industrial revolution was at its peak, and likewise, the social media revolution has taken over the mantle today. Regarding the industry you work for, it has become more important today that you understand its future. For example, with digitalization in full effect, the newspaper industry has taken a huge hit. Similarly, look for the possible ceiling your company can offer you in the years to come and work accordingly to get a job promotion.


Stay Open to Opportunities

Yes, you may have one path decided upon since your college days. However, things in the era of rapid technological development can change quickly. You can never tell when an automated device or another person can take over your job. So, try to be as flexible and adaptive with every opportunity that may present itself. Do it unless you don’t want to future-proof your career path in 2021.


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