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How to Delegate Tasks Effectively

  • 20th Aug'21

Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do! – Steve Jobs

Delegating tasks is an important business strategy that is often undervalued. It not only requires a perfect implementation process but has proven impactful for the success of several firms. If you are a leader and pondering the possibilities of creating more time for your business, learn to delegate some of the things on your plate across the proper channel. It is one of the important leadership qualities. The extra hours will give you an edge over your competitors.


Understand Delegation

In a bid to bring perfection to every little detail of the business, many leaders tend to do things themselves. While it can be overwhelming for you to delegate, it is mandatory to accomplish things effectively. Remember the lessons in leadership. Delegating a part of your job to the proper channel will ensure your productivity also ensuring that the end product is so much professional. All you have to do later is walk through the work.

We have compiled some of the crucial principles of delegation given by the following successful women entrepreneurs. 

Have a look!


Beth Blecherman, Blecherman Consulting

She states that delegation is a vital business component, and to have a long-running business, you need to phase out. Allocate small tasks first before being confident with the quality of work. Once you like it, proceed further.


Ashima Sharma, Dreami Founder 

With her own doubts over delegation, she now pursues quality over quantity. She exchanged her thoughts of being incapable of getting time to shine through her strengths. Yes, delegation is not about you being weak to handle your work but sharpening your areas of expertise.


Katie Irving, Moonshot CEO

She advocates decluttering your mental space and delegating the jobs that make you pull your hair. Instead, invest that time to work on strategies for your business's future.


Robin Doyle, Charmed PR

Her theory states that even though you are scared to deliver important tasks of your business baby in someone else's hands, start small. Allocate to one of the reliable people and extend the load if you appreciate the quality.


Sharonna Karni Cohen, Dream Founder

She stands by the principle of why what, and who of the job? That is to say, why is the job important, what effect will it have, and who is the best person to do it? It will motivate the intention of both the parties, the delegator, and delegatee.


Will you Do It?

Knowing the perks of delegation and the space it creates by making you available to cater to important things, you now know about effective delegation. So, the bigger question is, will you do it, and if so, how often?


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