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How to Deal with an Overly Demanding Boss?

  • 30th Jun'21

Whether you are working at a coffee shop or a tech giant, jobs can be demanding everywhere at times. Some of us may be fortunate to have a boss who encourages its employees as a responsibility. From time to time, some will often see through their staff’s pressure and motivate them to rise to the occasion. However, not everyone is fortunate, right? Some of the employees end up working for an overly demanding boss whose prime interest will be to do your work as much as possible. 

It doesn’t matter if you have to work past your regular scheduled time to complete a given assignment to an over-demanding boss. What makes the whole experience worse is, at times, the overly burdensome boss will insist on doing extra work such as additional reporting that doesn’t even matter or will never be read or checked. Also, they will be extraordinarily nitpicky and will always prefer to have the last say in every work-related matter despite your best suggestion or work. It can be a deteriorating experience for anyone, and therefore, here is a compiled list of some essential tips to help you deal with an overly demanding boss.


Deal with an Overly Demanding Boss

Over demanding bosses will be least concerned about your work schedule or your state of mind. As a result, if you are working with an overly demanding boss, you may notice how they give you tasks with unreasonable deadlines. They may not even think about providing you with the essential resources such as tools or information required to complete the job. Instead, they will expect you to do everything yourself. Also, when you try to approach them for assistance or any request, they will not even bother about listening to you. With them, your only option will be like, “Just Do it.” Below are some practical tips that can help you in dealing with an over-demanding boss:


Never Take it Personally

Many employees tend to misinterpret an over-demanding boss as rude, arrogant, selfish, and ignorant. While those feelings are well understood when working with an overly burdensome boss, they are somewhat misplaced. The over-demanding bosses may exhibit an assertive tone and are most reluctant to spend time with their team unless it has any specific purpose. 

Several employees have a fallout because of their behavioral patterns. However, such bosses tend to be acting like that because work-oriented results drive them. So, perhaps not taking their remarks as rudeness and instead of understanding that somewhere it will help you too can help your situation.


Confront Your Boss Gently

There will be times that despite your patience and patience, the over-demanding boss will keep driving you towards the edge of your breaking point. Hence, If you ever better find yourself in such a situation, then the best way to handle the inconvenience would be to confront your boss gently. Also, it is not wise to risk sabotaging your job or working relationship just because of an overbearing moment caused by an overly demanding boss.


Ask for Clarification Wherever Needed

Since the over-demanding boss likely will assign you to work with or without essential resources required for it, you need to be careful in this situation. Ask for clarification on the task and tools or information that will be necessary to complete it. Do not wait around for your boss to show up and hand you the required information. The overly demanding boss will only see you most likely during the deadline and not until it.


Be a Problem Solver

Working for an over-demanding boss means asking for trouble. Now, unless you are okay with risking your job, you should focus more on being a problem solver than a problem maker. To work with such a boss in itself means you will have problems, lots of them. But once we start to make an issue of it now and then, we begin to lose our credibility and reputation with our boss. It may even cost us our job. However, if we try to solve most problems independently, there’s always a chance of getting notice and eventually paying off.


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