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How to Deal with a Difficult Boss?

  • 30th Jun'21

We expect to have a leader who will guide us to succeed in our careers. But how often do we get a boss like that? Not saying this is the case everywhere, but if you are a professional, you would know what I am talking about, right? At some point in their careers, they may have the experience of dealing with a demanding boss. So what are the red flags, and what steps can we take to deal with a difficult boss?

Believe it or not, the relationship with your boss is of high significance as he has the control to monitor and report your performance. A good rapport will ensure better projects, growth prospects, and even inclusion in personal aspects. So let’s look at some of the features that add up to the definition of a difficult boss.


Traits of a Difficult Boss


High Expectations

When your boss crunches your deadline or increases the files on your table, know with who you are dealing!


Work Focused

Do you feel the informal conversations get weird or stop abruptly? You must assess that your boss focuses more on work than on people.


Complicated Feedback

The feedback results get you questioning why is nothing mentioned clearly about your achievements. You see the listing of flaws.


Deal with a Difficult Boss


  • Assess the Situation and Makeup to him if it is under your Control : A happy boss means a happier workplace.
  • Make Effective Communication : Talk about work, discuss strategies, your personal goals, and be honest and discreet.
  • Walk in your Boss’s Shoes : Know what he is dealing with, empathize and do your best to keep things simple.
  • No Bad Mouthing : Negative stuff circulates faster, and you don’t want your innocent conversations to backfire and upset your boss.
  • Be Proactive : Work diligently and take the initiative. Your contribution can turn the table and impress your boss.
  • Let your Work not Suffer : By slowing your work pace, things will even get more complicated.
  • Say No When you Have to : Set boundaries and deal with matters professionally. 
  • Be Aware : Do not create a situation that can Trigger his Anger Issues (if he has one)


Everything is possible with Micromanagement. With the above steps, you can handle multiple bosses. Remember, a difficult boss is not always a bad one!


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