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How to Cope with Impostor Syndrome During a Crisis

  • 27th Sep'21

Impostor syndrome is the inability to deal with the uncanny perception where people see themselves as fraud. The phenomenon stems from the fear of inadequacy, where people see themselves as undeserving despite skill and achievement. Also, people who suffer from this syndrome live in constant fear of getting exposed as a fraud. Impostor syndrome has grown common recently, as nearly 70% of people suffer from it timely. However, the syndrome worsens in challenging times like that of a crisis. Hence, if you have difficulty coping with impostor syndrome during a crisis, here are some tips on how to deal with impostor syndromes.


How to deal with impostor syndrome

Following are excellent tips that you can learn about to combat your impostor syndrome during a crisis:


Read the Signs

People who suffer from impostor syndrome can overlook the symptoms that trigger it the first. Hence, if you can find what worsens your impostor syndrome, you can cope with it better even during a crisis. Some of the signs that can reflect impostor syndrome of a person are:


  • Difficulty to accept genuine praise.

  • Apologize even when not at fault.

  • To hold themselves to an unrealistic high standard.

  • Fear of failure.

  • Lack of confidence.


Inability to Differentiate Between Humility and Fear

High achievers who struggle to overcome impostor syndrome are mainly due to a lack of understanding between humility and fear. They fear becoming overconfident and try to practice humility. In the process, they undermine themselves to an extent where they start seeing themselves as fraud or unworthy of their success through hard work.


Let Go of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a huge reason that makes it challenging to deal with impostor syndrome. People hold themselves to such a high standard where they berate themselves immensely, even for the slightest of minor mistakes.

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