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How to Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media

  • 29th May'22

If you look around on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, you will notice one common thing. Everyone is either talking about personal branding or attempting to build one. And if I am not wrong, you are here because you want to do the same thing - build your personal brand. Furthermore, if I have to test my guessing power more, I believe many of you are a business owner, a freelancer, a digital marketer, artist, and so on.

The fact of the matter, to have a personal brand has become an absolute need today. People nowadays look beyond the quality of products and services you have to offer. And we have the boom of social media and the internet responsible for it. It is a nice thing, don’t you think? People have to take themselves more seriously while they deal with a consumer or a client.  After all, whatever you put on your social media accounts could go in favor of you or against you.

But here is the difficult part. To know what you need to do and to actually do it successfully are two different things. Many people struggle to create an impact with their way of personal branding. Even some people and small businesses fail miserably. I can understand if you are in such a predicament. Personal branding is no mosquito you can swat with a bat. It is like the Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter movies - too difficult to catch. Therefore, I bring you a step-by-step guide to building your personal brand. But before that let’s take a quick look at why personal branding has become so important today. What are its benefits?


Benefits of Personal Branding

Personal branding has many benefits. It essentially is a tool to market yourself better than your competition and add more value to yourself from others' points of view. To share some of the majorbenefits of it, here is a shortlist.


  • Creates new connections and network

  • Discovers more opportunities

  • Attracts new clients, customers, and even business partners

  • Enhances your presence and credibility

  • Boosts your market value

  • Makes the person or company trustworthy

  • Establishes you as a potential leader.


Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Personal Brand

Here is a step-by-step method that has helped me and several others to master the art of developing a personal brand. You can go through it all and attain good to great success in building your personal success. However, it depends heavily on how you apply and executeexecutes these steps below.


Complete Your Social Media Profile

Your social media profile is your most significant opportunity to introduce yourself and create an impact. Social media platforms suitable for personal branding such as Twitter include the “bio” option. MThere make sure to give away the most important details about yourself in your bio and p. Present it the way you want to get identified by others.


Use a Banner

Twitter and LinkedIn - the two most prolific platforms known for building personal brands have the option to add banners. It is similar to the cover picture on Facebook. You can make use of a banner to depict an instant impact through the visuals you share in it. Also, you can design your banner on applications such as Canva to display uniqueness and relativity.


Use One Image Across Social Media Platforms

Across all your social profiles, you need to ensure consistency to build your personal on social media. It allows other people to easily find you across platforms and learn more about you. So, when you present yourself in a steady way it enables you to have control over others' perceptions of your social brand. A great way to showcase your consistency is through your profile image. Keep the profile images the same across all your social media accounts.

Post Regularly and Stay Consistent

Building a brand takes a lot of effort. The best way to build your personal brand on social media is to treat ittake it as a job. Every day, you must share and produce relative content. Also, you should proactively engage with others' worthy posts. It shows that you care about others' opinions as well and that's important. Furthermore, you should regularly adjust the frequency and types of content based on the audience's reaction and engagement.

Even I post regularly on my social accounts because personal branding is a continuous process that never stops. However, I understand how the process can take a toll on us. It can get difficult to post regularly and then engage with others. Therefore, as per your bandwidth, you must try to develop consistency on social media.


Learn and Collab With Influencers

Connecting with or even engaging with influencers is a great way to build your personal brand and get yourself seen. However, it can take a lot of time. Therefore, to minimize the time duration or to build a strong brand at a quicker pace you must try to collaborate or learn with other influencers. When you first start, engage with influencers niche-wise and study their networks. Note the sorts of content material they share and the way their followers respond. Try to develop your following with different strategies.


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