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How to Build a Team That's True to Your Values?

  • 26th Aug'21

Values are the core principles that not only define us but also decide for us. Our values act as our identity in anything we do. It transforms into culture when you ingrain it within your team. Now, the values you hold may not mirror the values of your team members, so how do you align and build a team that stands true to your values?

By Practice!

Yes, sometimes words are not enough to let people know the importance of something. You need to act! For example, If you are an excellent leader who has no issues if the employees are late to check-in for work as long as they are effective with their responsibilities, you portrayed the value of efficiency over time constraints. It is how you build a culture of innovation!


Tips to Ensure your Team is Productive, Success-Oriented, and Share your Values:


  1. Track down your values and question the importance and relevance to your business.
  2. What are the strengths that drive people to work for you and share the same value system?
  3. Who are those people willing to join hands to work together and imprint the values for the company's success? 


Once you figure these out, you can build a follow-up procedure to ensure that things move as they should!


Do not compromise

When you run a company, you may forget the necessity of holding onto values, especially when there are comparisons; but never give up. There is always a first time to write history. Also, there is nothing as precious as sticking to one's roots. So rephrase or transform but do not compromise with your virtues. You will always enjoy the fruits of being true to yourself.



Most of the time, leaders fail to break open the communication gap between them and the employees. Begin with small steps. Recognize their little contributions and motivate them. A team bound with respect can never ignore the value system that builds it.


Pause, Perform, and Prosper

When you lead a team, you know every approach has to be profound. To reflect on your values, engage your team to develop their values and integrate them. Once you align them to your goals and perform with the same principles, you will set examples for generations to follow.  


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