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How To Build A Culture Of Innovation?

  • 17th Jun'21

You must accept failure in your processes if you want to create a culture of innovation in your company.

Leaders, who wish to foster an innovation culture must ask themselves, "Am I allowing failure into the processes of my organization?"

Innovation doesn’t come from doing things that are safe or doing the things that we’ve always done the way we’ve always done them,” says Mary Jo Ammon, Executive Coach, and Experience to Lead Facilitator.

Ammon has built innovation-building strategies for business and several governmental organizations based on her decades of hands-on expertise.

Let's look at three aspects of developing an innovative culture using Ammon as our guide: permitting failure to encourage risk-taking, trust-building, and creating excitement.


Encourage Risk-Taking

Leaders who accept failure in the innovation process encourage their employees to take risks. A culture of innovation develops when workers understand that they are encouraged to take chances.

To foster an innovative culture, encourage risk-taking by praising it, minimizing criticism, and therefore reducing fear. Allowing failure early in the invention process is preferable to harsh repercussions for failed ideas.


Build Trust

To develop trust, leaders must demonstrate three traits. Trusted leaders, for starters, display vulnerability.

Vulnerable leaders do not put their positions of power in jeopardy.

 Instead, the vulnerability allows others to come up with great ideas that may significantly influence businesses. Be open to new ideas that differ from the way things have traditionally been done at the organization. 

Second, leaders foster trust by allowing staff to work within specific parameters of flexibility.

Third, executives evaluate when an employee wants to suggest a change. Many employees have creative ideas but are not bold enough to share.


Create Excitement

The cornerstone for motivating innovation is your company's vision. Your company's vision should be a concise, meaningful statement of what it does. Its motivating power lies in its capability to inspire staff engagement and enthusiasm for contributing to the company's success. 

Employees that are invested and excited are more likely to innovate on behalf of the organization.


Finally, if you've developed an innovative culture, celebrate your innovation achievement by rewarding your team's efforts.


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