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How to Brand Yourself on LinkedIn

  • 21st Jul'22

The Covid-19 pandemic has cost many of us our jobs and livelihood. Not to mention, the recent market crash and the recession abyss we are staring into. Times have been difficult for many of us, recently. And losing a job in a place you have been working for years is a nightmare, none of us would wish upon our enemies too. Therefore, the call of the hour is a straightforward decision. Drive your career in a way that you become the toughest to get replaced. The alternative is to let as many people as possible know about your skills. And it is where LinkedIn steps in.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform, an excellent tool, in a social media era where work from home culture has become so dominant. The platform has allowed millions worldwide to land their dream jobs. Today is amongst the most in-demand social media profiles of any prospect. So, if you are not on LinkedIn yet, now is the best time to create your profile there.


Personal Brand on LinkedIn

So, you have created a profile or, perhaps, already have one. Despite that, it is possible to see the bright side of the platform so far. Do you know why? It is because your profile lacks the spark, i.e., known as personal branding.

Personal branding is the need of every professional and every medium today. Personal brand on social media has enormous benefits. The competition has become so intense to stand out in the crowd. And unless you stand out chances are you will continue to lose on the opportunities irrespective of your talents and skills. Therefore, you must build your brand on LinkedIn. It will help you connect with others from similar work backgrounds more comfortably. Besides, branding on LinkedIn is the ultimate key to unlocking the door to better job opportunities and recruiting high-profile talents.


Ways to Brand Yourself on LinkedIn

Today, many are aware of the benefits of building a personal brand on LinkedIn. Still, if you look at the data and read through some surveys, you will find yourself awfully surprised. Only a few have successfully channeled LinkedIn to achieve career growth. Do you know why?

It is mainly because most LinkedIn users do not know how to use the platform to its potential. And since the platform isn’t social media friendly and casual like Facebook or Instagram, people easily get lost in there. They create a LinkedIn profile and connect with a few known and unknown users and then do nearly nothing. To be honest, LinkedIn is a platform where you cannot afford to slack in any way. Therefore, I brought a solution for it. Here, you can learn about some of the simplest ways to brand yourself on LinkedIn.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Search

The best way to use LinkedIn is to take it as, both, a search engine and a social media platform.  It means the words you choose in it are critically important. The words you use can help you find others and vice-versa. Therefore, profile optimization is a must on LinkedIn. To optimize the profile search, you must consider what keywords to use. The keywords will allow others to find your profile.

Profile optimization allows prospects or employers to search on LinkedIn? Hence, you must identify the right keywords to describe your profile. Use the keywords in your title, job title, resume, and job descriptions. And remember, that the right words differentiate your profile from being found or hidden. So, choose carefully.


Sell Yourself on LinkedIn

Always use your profile as a selling point to attract recruiters, employers, and HRs with opportunities. The best way to sell yourself on the LinkedIn platform is through your description. Therefore, you must remain specific with what you mention in your bio and other places in the profile section. Also, ensure to include facts and figures. For example, you can claim that you have written articles for XYZ clients and companies and have helped them generate traffic and sales. To back up your claim, you can add references for people to cross-check and verify. 

Besides this, highlight your greatest achievements that you may find relevant to the clients' expectations to attract them. Apart from it, avoid the use of jargon at all costs. Your profile description works like a cover letter. So, keep it short and clear, and don't hesitate to sell how great you are in your work.


Use a Proper Profile Photo on LinkedIn

Your profile image contributes to the first impression you make on others on the platform. Therefore, you must ensure that your profile photo must fit the platform’s purpose. And since you want to attract clients or recruiters, you can consider some of the tips below:


  • It must encompass your face and/or shoulders

  • Don't use  extreme close-ups of your face or a full-body

  • Do not use a resized photo

  • The photo must look sharp and pixel-free

  • Smile in the photo

  • Dress professionally

  • Never use a selfie as a profile picture

  • Never use others' photo or leave it blank


Create Post on LinkedIn

Consider writing a post on LinkedIn. You may be wondering why you should publish a post on LinkedIn. The reason is simple - when you create a post, others can engage in it. Clients can even use it as a parameter for your consideration in the job role. Also, the benefit of posting on LinkedIn is that when you click post, all of your contacts get notified. It will appear in your and their feeds too. Thus, it creates an opportunity to increase the chances that your LinkedIn audience will read it. 

Now, remember one thing when it comes to creating posts on LinkedIn. You can never be random. You should only create posts related to work and skill sets. For example, if you are a blogger then share about the benefits of blogging. Let your posts work as a self-endorsed marketing campaign that brands you for the clients. You can learn more by learning about how to develop your personal brand strategy.


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