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How to Become an Empathic Leader?

  • 15th Jun'21

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hits the world, work-life balance has become increasingly complex and stressful. Meaning the world today needs more empathetic leaders than ever. Besides, even I believe that practicing empathy can make a leader so much better than they already are.


Emphatic Leader


Empathy as a Leadership Quality

"Empathy, the ability to see other perspectives, understand someone else's point of view and act with compassion, plays a huge role in making a leader and his or her team successful," writes Maria Ross, a famous brand strategist author, and speaker. However, just like with every other skill, even empathy takes practice to perfect.

And there is no reason to believe that you cannot be an empathic leader provided you are willing to work on it and not just pretend, you know. So, only if you are interested, here are three paths you can take to make yourself an empathetic leader.


Paths to Becoming a More Empathic Leader


Improve Your Listening Skills

When it comes to listening, many leaders have a terrible reputation. But you can turn this around if you start believing that there can be perspectives and viewpoints better than yours. When you give others a chance to contribute personally and simultaneously, you allow yourself to understand them.


Stop Prioritizing Yourself Every Time

Yes, people struggling with imposter syndrome are everywhere. It is what makes a lot of us overly focus on ourselves to do things for ourselves. And this is just a backward approach for any leader, as a leader should always look outward. So, understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and that includes you as well. Therefore, be okay with others who try to help you better. Ask others for suggestions and see how they may be more than happy to contribute. Also, you can take guidance from emotionally intelligent leaders.


Always Love Your People

Are you even an empathic person if you cannot promote love and care? Understand that a goal is better accomplished with a team and team building takes time. Also, we build the best teams upon the foundations of love, care, and trust, just explained in this article.


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