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How To Be A More Empathic Leader

  • 30th Sep'21

Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself – Mohsin Hamid.

The challenges for leaders and mentors do not stay limited to the growth of particular organizations. The real test happens during adversities. What's a better example of adversity than the havoc created by the pandemic? It changed our working scenarios and also influenced our lives in many ways. It implored us to look through the key element to conduct business; it is through people. 

Today, empathy is the most needed quality for leaders to drive people to put their best foot forward. Virtual meetings, though, convey the information through gadgets and show the real-time work-life juggle that needs balancing. It is time for our leaders to practice empathy and build a culture that supports employees' mental health and helps them achieve their career goals.

In this article, we will explore the different paths to become an empathic leader.


Being An Empathic Leader

Deal Gently

Statistics reveal that about 850,000 women dropped out of their careers in 2020 as they felt an overload of work and responsibilities. In such times empathy counts more than the financial benefits. An empathic leader deals gently with their people, sharing the troubles of the testing times and offering solutions. Empathy is the quality that makes inclusive leaders different from others. Support your employees but be more transparent with them.


Listen with A Pure Intent

The path to becoming an empathic leader is simple but takes innovative steps that revolve around human values. The after-effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and other disturbances that creep up from time to time require people to share. Employees must open up about their situations, their fears, and their aspirations. Listening with pure intent is one of the greatest strengths for a leader to possess.


Think Beyond

An empathic leader builds a culture of innovation and explores the many ways to benefit their employees beyond standard allowances. Enhance your relationship with your employees through meaningful programs that focus on mental health, family care, child care, upskill programs, and the like.


Building Professional Legacy

Empathy is vital in all facets of life, more so when you want to build your professional legacy through your work. When you acknowledge the pain of others and show interest in their lives, they attempt to understand your aspirations, too. Empathy is, therefore, a two-way street that repairs differences and cultivates the culture of inclusivity.


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